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imo Aug 2018
your name shrinks when you kissed me, spills
in my own ears, long gone
since you sleep my dreams, numb
after you found your better piece
i can never say no while it lingers, battling
wrongs to make some rights, stay
still for the show; where instead of
calling your name home, i will be
able to say no
and it wont be tomorrow
imo Aug 2018
does it count as love?

          don't say it out loud!

why are you? embarrassed?

          no, denial more like

then how is it?

          if i tell you that i would die for him,
          does it count? i mean, i've always
          wanted to die anyways but never
          for someone
imo Aug 2018
i can hear my brain screaming
taking up another mischief
making another sound of hit
adjusting another kind of yelling
what is this? a disease? or another routine?
it got rid of my will and wits!
father i hear it screeching
it's not coming from my ears!
but it's okay since they're not real
or at least if that's what you think
i feel like ****! stop with the sense of guilt!
i can hear it screaming
i need my medicine
imo Aug 2018
listen, beloved. it's how i fear they would realize
this is just another matter of the utmost romanticized sadness
how i would glorify spitting another hatred

i ache at the places we've been, songs we've heard,
skin we've desired. name it baby you have it
more in me and less in you, the kind that wont be allowed to.

dont scare me now dear you had it
bloom you touched it bright dont step on it red.
i wont call it (again), love. not now

— The End —