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imo Nov 2018
that was you;
and how your voice never silent and your yells sweetened and how it made me feel so little, and
how your being found me unsafe and your sorry that came away and how it made me perfectly dead

and i am no poet;
to curse you with words to glorify you in a paper
and keep it in a box, i
wont let the fool in me becomes
imo Sep 2018
the dearest of mine
pinched me hard enough
to feel colors where they compete

the dearest of mine
adjusting longing graze
greets them ever-so-warmly

the dearest of mine
is where i submitted relentlessly
not trying to put a halt on it
imo Sep 2018
they came out gentler out of your lips
and i didn’t ask to be conquered by it
imo Sep 2018
how do you want me to remember your laugh?
perhaps as the caress of your hands confusing my mind
or as the glory i could only enjoy from afar
make it more like a reminder that you’re not mine
imo Sep 2018
twelve back at twenty
hungry hands and dirtier words
wavering affection that wont stay long

ten back at eighteen
none ice cold nor lazy scowl
can it grow when the lights aren’t on?
what is this math *******
imo Sep 2018
it wont be new; long lost feelings
it wont fall to one another —somewhere remains
in between fingertips it slipped through
his far it never travelled
where its summer became his day
and its winter became his night
the seasons are starting to change somehow
and so they are
you will so realize
imo Aug 2018
i pierced your silhouette
through my head like
the twinkled lights you attached
trying to cover my eyes, seal my lips around
you touched me at my
golden hours of self doubts
you filled me in thinking
i had you whole as a legacy
then you left with subtle clicks
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