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Nora Sep 2018
Have I broken your back yet
Like I pulverized mine?
I know I'm a heavy burden --
With weight I cannot leave behind
Nora Sep 2018
The words won't spill,
Even though I'm overflowing
Mounting pressure with no reprieve
So many things that need to come out
But instead they fill me until I can't speak
Nora Mar 2018
No dam could withstand
The entirety of my every feeling.
I break everything I touch --
I always stop and hesitate,
knowing --
That I’m just too much
Nora Mar 2018
The world was my enemy
Until I met you
And only then
Were my problems eschewed

I never knew love
Till I felt your embrace
It took just one touch
To find my happy place

A step and a leap,
Then a bound and a twirl --
You waltz through my mind
My beautiful girl
It has been ages since I last wrote ... This one is for my amore
Nora Mar 2018
My heart swells when laughter
Washes over your face --
I long to freeze the moment
Forever, but even a picture
Could never suffice:
Eager eyes and flushed cheeks,
A vibrant grin that’s worry free
Joy in its purest form, unmarred
By any single thing

I want nothing more in life
than to keep you there with me --
We’ll take this moment now
and make it an eternity
Nora May 2017
Auburn haired dame
She’ll never be tamed
Dressed up to the nines
In ball gowns divine
With laughter like song
So prideful and strong
The freedom she’ll dance
Has the world in a trance
She’s beauty, she's strength
Standing firmly in place
And her whole life she’d chance
For her name is France
Inspired by reunion in France  (1942)
Nora May 2017
Just when i think
i might deserve better
i sit shaking, soaked
in salt water tears
sobbing and settling
for the lack of love,
the absence of affection
in the the boundless
desert of my life
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