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  Feb 2015 athena g
Amitav Radiance
Sometimes you are caught
Between the intersections
Of you and your reflection
Wondering, about the reality
So much happens between
Exchanges with your reflection
Mirroring what you want to see
And what reality actually is
Try to touch the portrayed image
Segregate the inner reality
And the outer fa├žade for the world
Mirror what you really are
And your reflection will embrace you
Given the clarity, that shatters
The reflection of a reflection
Thus blossoms the image from the heart
Mirror will be glistening with pride
  Feb 2015 athena g
If heartbreak's the motivation,

I can't help but wonder what love will do...
  Feb 2015 athena g
At night

The slam of a dorm door
are those of an angry brother
throwing something at the wall
or slamming the door.

The fast patter of feet
in the hallway
are those of mine
running up the stairs
to hide.

The muttered rambling voices
from outside
are those of parents arguing
until the wee hours of the night
thinking you're asleep.
  Feb 2015 athena g
Kerli Tulva
Under those far-reached specks
Of joyful glittering stars
Steps a thoughtful wanderer
Like a philosopher in a hazy road of night.

In his wrinkled long lived hands
He holds the book of his soul
Where every word is written
With precision, passion and vision.

The worn-out crinkly papers
Store the wise thoughts and feelings
Which get a complement fillings.
In an every new place of wonder.

For him the adventure and life
Is the most captivating matter
To discover the goodness of people
And write the wise words of jewel.
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