manda 15h
i used to scream your name


and now i can’t even say it
manda 1d
i live in these trenches
that i built to escape the war
between my expectations
and my reality
not quite rock bottom
but not solid ground
i know soon i'll have to choose
to head straight into battle
or lie down and die

and i don't know which is stronger
or my will to fight
my soul is exhausted
manda 2d
if all we are is stardust
then i think you and me
were made from
the same exploding sun
because when my soul met yours
it didn't feel like the first time
it felt like coming home
manda 4d
i tried to write down all the reasons
i love you
and for the first time in my life
words failed me
how does one simply write about
manda 5d
i play with it in my hands
the key you gave me
to your door
while you play
with the one to my heart

but your key won’t work here anymore
manda 6d
but sometimes when it's late
i think back to the nights
when i wore nothing
but a necklace
and you
manda 7d
and i have to have faith
that somewhere out there
someone is getting his heart
beautifully broken
in all the ways
i know how to fix
for my other broken half
i can’t wait to meet you
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