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imissyeats May 2018
i never knew before what such a thing felt like
but you have made me feel it and feel it all around
sometimes i am on cloud nine but then sadness takes over
sometimes i wish to tell you everything but then i can't say a word
sometimes i want to give up on this love but then i fail and fail again

i never knew before how much you would seep into my life
but now i have seen it and i certainly haven't seen it all
you're the lump in my throat holding back all the words i never said
you're the long walk i take every night brooding over the sweetness and sorrow
you're everything that makes me vulnerable and powerful at the same time
imissyeats May 2018
work hard for the whole week
never stop reading and writing
input and output, easy as that
remember to go to the roof at dusk
just chill with your dark rap playlist
stand still and watch the lights go on
let the cold air and smoke fill your lungs
the loneliness of your skin and hair
you can smell it in the air
go back to your little room
drink hot coffee or might as well be tea
feel the warmth in your stomach
you’re drinking cups of love now
you don't need other people to tell you
******* like everything will be just fine
you’re sad but it’s alright now
imissyeats May 2018
i take a stroll in the software park
to a favorite spot of mine
unfrequented, a solitary retreat
a young lady comes
with such a look on her face
saying “poor teen, why you gotta be so down”
don’t you know miss
there’s no place for me in this ghost town
imissyeats May 2018
Lance comes over
in his fancy boots and pretty jacket
says, you should hang out with us
I hate to see him snogging her
but courtesy makes me say yes

I barely know him
except that he likes fancy boots and jackets
he seems a decent good lad
he likes her and she likes him back
what could possibly go wrong?

but break the news
good lad Lance is not good at all
he's a creep and he makes her cry
taking her as his own and making her dull

now his fancy boots and jacket make me sick
his oily face makes me puke
please burn in hell, good lad Lance
courtesy shall not deter me from yelling that
imissyeats Mar 2018
left by the lakeside
pierced by the devil's spear
a human heart, still panting
as cold and passionate as the dawn

she who’s a soulless child
out for a walk by the lake
picks it up and tucks it between her ribs
she feels whole now
imissyeats Mar 2018
the one that you love is gone
says the heart in the body

beloved, your mind's bewitched
and your soul stifled
that the most can pleasure you
hasn’t he hollowed you out

arrows in my marrow
air and smoke in the lungs
a golden heart gave it all
a broken one of it became

when the moonlight spills in
like the morning dew I shall be gone
to the waters and the wild
with a soulless child, hand in hand

— The End —