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Imaginary noise Nov 2016
You use people
Similar to a baby
You soil them like blankets

You use people
Like a mother with no washer
You throw out soiled things
Imaginary noise Nov 2016
When stuck between two choices
Flip a coin
If it's not a sigh of relief when viewing
Choose the other option
Imaginary noise Nov 2016
Growing up fast is going from
Yo mama to dead mama jokes
Faster than it takes you to finish
Your lunchable

The only difference is
Yo mama is funny those whom
Don't relate

Dead mama
Is for those who do
Imaginary noise Nov 2016
I keep a pair of boxing gloves hanging from my ceiling fan
The light reflects off them at sunrise
I keep them there to remind me that the words
Strong and beautiful can coexist

I bought them for $10 at Ross
Imaginary noise Nov 2016
Time is so valuable
We don't stop for long
We barley sleep anymore

And yet
Netflix is the top grossing app
Imaginary noise Nov 2016
You were always jealous
Jealous that the only hardship you had encountered was a lack of fluffy pillows
Fattened from the abundance of food
Spoiled in free cars and free gas
Free is the price listed next to your dinner
But it's what you claim not to be
Free will and free reign
It's stamped across your forehead because you are what you eat
But like all spoiled children
You needed a reason
To cry to whine
"My mommy never loved me"
"My daddy never hugged me"
Attention is what you want
What you lie for
Creating problems that make you victim
The word of the day
'Person who is tricked or harmed'
Synonymous to loser prey and chump
So loser
Tell me
Does the silver spoon not suit you?
You want to come out and play with the big kids?

With open arms big kids welcome broken souls
With crumpled dreams and stained pasts
We whisper comforting words to stop wet eyes
Broken bones bending to back to normal
No one ever taught us love
We found it in the eyes of hungry animals whom with we shared our warmth
We found it in the beauty of Mother Nature
The colors of the flowers sprouting from the sewage overflow is the brightest of all
Or I guess it's a ****
A plant that finds a way to survive in a place where it was never wanted

Fed nothing but *******
And stomped on with poverties giant feet
I guess I am a **** of my generation
But at least I'm not a snake
Slithering it's way through the tallest flowers
Pretending like it fits
Like it grow upwards towards the light

So chump
Tell me
How are you snake and prey at the same time?
Weaving your way through
the tightest knits of flowers
Mowing down some in your wake
A flattened trail getting larger and longer
As your body grows thicker
Fattened by the food

You may be
Camouflaged in envy green
But you can never recreate
Our colors
I hate the title.

— The End —