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illeador Jun 9
she was like
walking through a field
of the freshest morning dew
not overwhelming,
but enough to
get your feet wet.
how he described me to his friends **** and I actually love it
illeador Apr 1
I see your face
And it makes me sick
But not in the way that you think.

My stomach churns,
My heart, it yearns,
As I feel my psyche just sink.

I’d give anything
To hold you again,
To drown in your scent like a drink

But you’re gone with her
You seem happier
As I sit here, and I shrink.
illeador Feb 25
There is only one person that matters to me
And I haven’t even met them yet.
There is only one person that I have told my entire life story to
And they don’t even know it yet.
This tiny little Blip of time on my radar
And yet I’m their entire timeline.
There is only one person who’s pulled me from the void
And they can’t even see it.
There is only one person
In this entire toxic world
Who is my light, my tunnel, my salvation.
And I haven’t even met them yet.
illeador Feb 16
how long do you think
this struggle within would’ve lasted
had I known that every time
I stared lovingly into your eyes,
and loved that the gaze I got back,
you were imagining hers instead
illeador Feb 12
what do you do when
the one you still love
is so woven in the
tapestry of your everyday life
so much so, that
when your phone lights up,
so does your smile
when your ringtone chimes,
so does your laugh
when you see them
enter the room,
they carry your breath away
along with the cold air
from the frigid winter outside?

how do you tell them
that every day, your mind
is completely and utterly enamored
with the photos of moving day
with the reminiscing, stories
with the weekend trips
daily calls
playful negging
that you’re so much more
well equipped to handle
the flaws they try to hide?

how do you tell
the one you love
that you love them?
illeador Jan 18
Don't tell me "time heals all wounds"
Whatever can fix this, lies in you, and
There's no way that you're coming back
Your decision is made, your life's on track, and

I'll just stay here, in my head
Remembering everything that we'd said, and
Thinking of what could've been
A love so promising that fate stepped in

You got her back, you're good to go
But now the only thing I wanna know is
Was anything close to the truth?
While she's got you, I'm stuck here
Stuck here on you

I still hear
Your voice in my ear, saying all the words
I need to hear, and I still feel
Your hands on my skin
Though it's been so long
That that skin is breaking

Someday there'll be a part of me
That you'll have never touched,
And we'll go back to being
Figments of our memories,
A pit stop in your life,
An eternity to me.

Please, one more thing before you go
While I'm here writing, all alone
Just don't forget all that we were
Our time, it was brief but
You were still my world.
You took part of there with you
I'll never forget you,
No matter what I do...
C, G, Am, G, C
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