Oct 13 Ilion gray
Tangled thoughts
Flooded eyes and a runny nose
I have so much to say but no words are close ...
Ilion gray Oct 12
The simple life of pillows
Or clouds
Both being of stellar variety
the burning gasp of being saved
everything goes eventually
If  you leave the room
The space will be missing something;
When it is found
A trillion Seconds you
thought you lost
will catch up to you
All things return
To their someplace;
Now all that is earthly
around me
has begun to rustle
And wave
There is no other planet to go
There is no farther away
The machines are eating the child’s
The air is bleeding
It’s invisible hue
The earth in search
Desperate to borrow
pilfered from
Everything with an ending
The hour is coming,
You and I will seek
It to;
Just up that way
Then to the right
Through the frozen fields
of nimbus Pass
Just a horseshoe
toss from
the holy
Where nothing falls
While the drifting spritzes
Do not drip
But climb
The mountain staircase
Of night;
I will go.
Because the hour draws close;
And soon when the
Unending dusk grows
No road will be empty.

Perhaps I will
Return to someplace
That will only be a place
Once I’ve arrived
Someplace as lost as all the rocks
I’ll build a throne and observe
The might of the almighty
The Strong roots of infinite
Shades of blackness
Where all creation
Ilion gray Oct 11
Around here the days
Walk past slow;
I have only watched them
Do you hear the voices
Swimming the coffered channels
Of hours also?
Subtly clinging to waves
Which strive
Yet only
Come once
The same tide never rolls
I am roving about
Where silence answers
Fear, and moonlight
Answers night
You and I
Awaiting time
Wondering if it knows
We're here.
the air is still
An empty echo of expanse
Holding nothing;
rain falls from a
Cloudless sky;
soft as sparrow tears
Crashing down onto
Binary lovers
Melting them to earth
Into a puddle of one another.
Ilion gray Sep 20
And I stare into the heavens
Without closing my eyes;
I see
Little wonders---
Tiny, dying diamonds
Skating across the frozen cirrus clouds
Just beyond cumulus nimbus mountains
High as the feet of angels.
I watched them delve into the dark
waltzing down through the Heavens;
Only some will return.
The devil is resisting the
Light from the stars.
He cloaks them beneath
The stars are infinite
Wild are their galaxies
The strength of their illumination
Does not know darkness!
There are no constellations;
the stars will laugh at you
To think they were only shining
For you...to dream
and wish upon,
While Our great cities
blot them out
with chemical dust
And inescapable darkness,
Moving at the speed of greed,
Our kings
all blind
And heartless.
Everyone who’s ever breathed
Counted breaths
Have Lived and died
on the back of
An angel...
The day is coming,
When only a few will be numbered,
And not a human number
but a number
Of ***,
a sum shall break
the silent universe
Into infinite tiny diamonds,
Each skating across
the wretched peaks
the  blackest waves;
A never-ending abyss.
Every time I go to 7-11 and get a large
Red Slurpee my brain freezes
and when it starts to slowly drip
I think like this;
It’s unfathomable
what you find Sometimes
in the
of a dreamers mind.
Ilion gray Sep 19
I never learned to make light,
and you left with the light that we created,
even through all our darkness
I'm here,
there's nothing here,

Since you left,

Carrying with you the fire that I helped to build...

how can  a heart heal while it’s still being  killed?

You weren't the only one who was alone,
under all this sky...

Looking at the immensity,

Wondering if it's open.. or empty,

I'm ashamed of how selfish, humanity can be.

Knowing how we theorize the death of our beloved sun,
simply out of  envy of its eternal luster... knowing that we grow dark and empty and eventually die...

How we leave the game early when our team is down... and there’s not enough time to go back and win... as if now.. In defeat, we would be wasting our lives to stay with them until the end.

I no longer want to love you,
because you left me there when the coldest winds came...

You left Me there....

Because even though I dried your tears....

I couldn't stop the years..

And I couldn't stop the rain.
Ilion gray Sep 16
I lie here

Beside you
The pores of our bodies

Like Tiny volcanos erupting

I would die
love you again;
Between walls made of marbles and hands,
and frying pans clanking,
Against cabinets,

there are Cracks in the tiled floors
where we tore our skin
Left tiny drops of us
in puddles from ice cubes
that tumbled  down into our
empty cup

Only *** could rip
A star in two.
it’s funny

The way the kitchen killed

You and I;

Not the knives.

I would die in a world where people

Are more like cannon *****

And plastic faces are invading

Yesterday I discovered that the earth really is flat

All the ice melted and we were lost in the roar of Waves rushing
sliding to the edge

You squeezed  my hand
and you whispered "close your Eyes"

Your tiny fingers outweighed
the ocean

And I happily died knowing,

I Lived!

I lived Where Angels have not tread for
10,000 years

My lips touched your skin

And there will never be words to say

What I have felt

But that your smile

Eats Time
Now that I have loved you
I am a child,

Exploring the Shores,

Of secret oceans
on a planet in a galaxy at
the most ancient end of infinity

Where the light drips
Quietly from

The dark
Ilion gray Sep 11
While we were lying in my living room

***** on the blue couch, listening to lightning attack
The stellar clouds
I learned,

how the hearts of men are only a piece of space
clutched by skin,
wading through darkness.

I Delve into time
and I watch, and
wonder, though I knew
that it would end,

Why I  couldn’t stop
loving you
will haunt everything you left in the house,

till nothing is forgotten.
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