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Jul 21 · 488
better than loving.
i do not know better than loving.
it is not something i choose to do, but simply
something i do.

loving is natural,
like a flower blossoming under the
or the rain falling from the
sky on a storm,

when you love strong enough, life
finds its course.
and with love the flowers blossom
and with love the rain falls

i do not know better than loving.
it is not something i can unlearn, but simply
something i was born knowing to do.

i do not know better than loving
because loving makes me better.

there is no better than loving.
May 2020 · 389
she once had stars on her eyes that could light up the way back home without the moon helping out

and she once had a fire on her heart that could warm up even the coldest night with just the touch of her fingertips
but the stars were ripped out
and the fire burned out
now all she has are a broken pair of wings and a tainted halo

and her forsaken form walks the streets of a land she doesnt know

but oh, dear,
she has never felt more alive than she does on earth
sinful; wicked.
Jan 2020 · 267
L O v E
am I really that hard to love?
or am I just unlovable?

it's my fault for pushing everyone away.
it's my fault because I'm never there.

it's my fault.
is it?

am I really that hard to love?
or am I just afraid of getting hurt?

am I really hard to love?
should we love?

how does one love?

am I really that hard to love?
or it's just we all love differently.

what is love?
It's been a while...
Apr 2019 · 291
Always be honest to yourself.

Good things happen to those who are unafraid to let their souls walk its own path.

We are meant to be free, so be it.

All the love, my friend.
May your journey
begin **
Dec 2018 · 812
I'm Sorry.
To everyone I've ever met,
to everyone who once tried to get to know me.
To everyone who wanted to be my friend,
to everyone who had to deal with me.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm stubborn.
I'm sorry I'm insecure.
I'm sorry I locked you out.

I'm working on becoming a better me,
I've realized I turned into a loner.

I. don't. wanna. be. a. loner.
I really didn't want to post this because I feel it's not worthy enough for this page, but on a serious note, this is me. This is my mind, my feels.
This is me when I can't sleep, when I've been lying for hours on my bed, thinking, and then look through my window and the sun's already out.
This is me being sorry for being myself, but also not sorry at all.
Me recognizing my demons and rising above them, without losing myself.
Feb 2018 · 463
we are not infinite.

We tend to forget that
we die.

Our existence is a cycle.

We are not infinite.

Yet, the things we
The lives we

I like to think that those things are.

Just like, the ocean
and the sky
and nature.

Like the universe.

I like to believe that,
by watching the sunrise,
or the sunset,
by camping,
or planting a tree,
I like to believe that
THAT'S how we become

Becoming one with our surroundings.


Appreciating and taking care.

Learning, creating.

That's the way we become immortal.

We leave a mark, a trace,
a piece of our souls.

And so we keep on living...
Feb 2018 · 685
Love is such an amazing thing to share,
and doing it without expecting anything in return
is one of the purest feelings ever.

Always love,
and faithfully.
And love everyone. Not just your partner. Not just your family.

Love everyone who crosses your path as if they were a part of you. Because they are.

Love your friends because they build you.
Love your enemies because they strengthen you.

Love your haters just because.

Love can heal the deepest wounds, but, for that,
we have to give it space.

As my favorite poet says, "Love is not black & white, nor gray, but full of color."
Last quote taken from Kaykay Blaisdell "Black & White".
Feb 2018 · 304
Always Keep Fighting
I hit rock bottom,
and then I start again.

I don't let the bad times take away the positive things I've done.

I take a deep breath,
I get up,
I continue walking down the road.

There are so many things I would like to do before I'm gone,
I'm not letting a little wind take away my opportunities.

I hit rock bottom,
and then I start again.

Even when it seems like everything is lost.
Even when my head hurts for crying.
When my eyes burn because of the tears.
Even when my knees are red for being on the floor,
and my body can't hold itself straight anymore.

I wake up to a better day, every day.

I put on my jacket,
my favorite pair of boots,
the nice beanie my mom knit for me,

and I go out.

I keep on dreaming.
I keep on smiling.
I keep on breathing.

I live.
A reminder to stay strong, never give up, and always keep fighting.
From me, to you ::and me::
Jan 2018 · 742
Her eyes could light up a room with a simple look.
Her heart, oh it shined like a thousand suns.
The energy that came out from her, the purest feeling I've ever experienced.
Even at distance I could feel the warmth of her soul whenever she spoke those beautiful words.

Her ability to make me smile, even at the darkest hours,
her softness when it came at those sensitive subjects,
her cheerful attitude,
her knowledge and wisdom,
her positive views, even when she's falling apart.

A wonderful soul,
an unique living being,
her sole presence in this world makes it a better place to be in.

And I wouldn't mind being stuck with her.
And I wouldn't mind listening to her everyday.
Because she is a work of art, classic, delicate, full of surprises.
Because she is impossible to understand, but at the same time, an open book.

Because she is the one.
I wrote this inspired on one of my idols, it may not be poetically beautiful, but these are my thoughts. These are my feelings. This is me.
Jan 2018 · 260
We are free souls.
We are free spirits, yet
we are waiting
for someone to show us the

We are pure,
we are unique.

We are strong.

We are beautiful.

We are the ones that decide our destinies.

Nor illness, nor hurt, nor death can stop us.

We are light,
we are energy.

We are souls, inside bodies.

But we,
we are not trapped.

We are not prisoners.
We don't need help.

We are more than we think.
We are
Dec 2017 · 469
I've been on a journey
to the depths of my own

i didn't like what i


but i know it was needed.

                          I've been (dis)connected

up, down,up ,down u,p ,down

in (a)n(d) out

blur is what i see.

i know ::myself:: better now
Nov 2017 · 272
Lost souls.
¿Do you know what's the problem with society nowadays?
No one is allowed to feel anything about themselves in any way.
Yet, society is allowed to press standards on us.
Behavior standards.
Beauty standards.
Appearance standards-
You can not consider yourself ugly because everyone's beautiful. But you can not consider yourself beautiful because you are not the center of the world.
You can not wear baggy clothes because they hide your figure. But you can not wear anything "too revealing" because you will be a ****.
You can not use makeup because that's effeminate. But you can not have one "imperfection" on your face.
¿Do you know what's the problem with society nowadays?
Everyone considers themselves gods.
Everyone considers their opinion the only one valid.
Everyone thinks they are way over the top from others. When in reality, we're only flesh and bones.
We're only minds, spirits, trapped inside a body.
¿Who gave us the power to judge each other? ¿Who decided what is or not beautiful? ¿Who decided what is or not acceptable? And why do we cope with those ideas.
We are all equal.
We are all humans.
We are all fragile and sensitive.
¿So who are you to tell me what can I do or not?
The problem with society nowadays is that we don't want to learn.
We don't want to evolve.
The problem is that we have taken so many things from life, and twisted them until they became what we wanted, that we don't know what is their meaning anymore.
And we are not allowed to feel in any way different from what others tell us.
And we are not allowed to think in any way different from what society teach us.
And we are constantly looking for answers ¿But who's asking the questions?
We are lost.
We are lost souls.
We are wandering on earth without purpose.
And in the end,
it does matter.
Oct 2017 · 454
I've been sad
I am sad.
Not in a depressed way. Not ill.
Just sad.

I've been sad a while. I've been sad for different things.
Mostly, I've been sad because I'm feeling empty.

That somedays, I just don't understand what am I doing here.
That somedays I just look into the mirror and I don't find the strength to cope with another day.
I am not suicidal, even though I think about it a lot.
Who would miss me? Who would even notice.
Am I really important?
Am I?

Is it worth it? Well yeah. I know it is.
Can I make it? Of course I can!

But I just can't find motivation?

I've been feeling sad because I'm feeling empty. Because I'm seeing all the things I once loved drift away. Because I'm almost 18 and I haven't done anything i have proposed myself.

I'm feeling empty because years keep on going by, and things keep on changing, and people keep on growing,

and I don't.

And you know I just can't cope with it anymore.
Because it's frustrating and it makes me anxious and I just can't find the will to change.

And I'm just feeling sad, because even the happiest moments seem to get blurred out by the fact that I am not going anywhere.

And I'm empty, and sad, and lonely.
Sep 2017 · 830
I can't write poems.
I know I can't. Everybody knows.

Poetry is for the soft ones.
For the hurt ones.
For the broken ones.
For the talented ones.
For the edgy ones.

For the special ones.

And I am certainly none of those.

Pretty **** sad, huh?

Yet, poetry is for everyone.
Because... Art is for everyone,
Because you're supposed to feel comfortable while writing it. While creating it.

Art is for everyone.

But not

I know I **** at this.
I must admit I enjoy writing down my feels.
I must admit poetry is one of my favorite types of therapy.
But I also must admit I **** at this.

I'm not going anywhere with this poem, to be honest.
I'm just wasting your time.
I'm just wasting my time.

I'm a waste of time.

And I am so
Aug 2017 · 702
Who am I?

Like, really.

who. the. ****. am. I.

I am human.

I am a living skeleton. I am a soul and a brain and a bunch of **** feelings.

But like, who am I?

Am I my name? My last name? My nickname?

Am I the person you see? or who I think I am? Am I a single person or am I plenty? Sometimes I feel like I change.

Am I actually one soul? Am I many?

Who am I or who are WE?
Aug 2017 · 270
Untitled #4
It's been awhile
since I last grabbed
my pen.
Since I last wrote down
my mind
in a sheet of paper.

It's been awhile
since I last felt
Something good.
Something bad.
Since I last felt

Must be that I'm empty.
I'm an empty
No heart.
No soul.
No mind.

It's been awhile since I last saw you.

I wonder if that has anything to do.

Maybe it was always you,
and never me.
Jul 2017 · 362
Untitled #3
I miss what we used to
how our souls seemed to complete each

I miss waking up next to
and being able to understand your

I miss what we used to
and I wish i could turn back

Because I miss loving
over all
Jul 2017 · 210
Untitled #2
You've been trying to drown me
for so long, that
I've learned how to swim on

You have tried to destroy me
so many times, that
I can fix myself again with my
eyes closed.

Still, I haven't learned how to
forget your lips,
how to resist your eyes,
how to fix my heart.

Because every single time I
wake up
and your body isn't laying
next to me,

my misery drowns
and my pieces
fall apart.
Jul 2017 · 261
Untitled #1
Here I am, staring at these old dead roses.
Sometimes I can smell their perfume
-or remember it-.

I could never forget
the day you gave them to me.
"I love you" you
-even though you never meant it really-.

Here I am, wondering,
why did you choose roses?
Such expensive flowers,
so meaningful
-you missed it-.

I will always remember
how they smelled.

— The End —