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oh yes we make friends,even if you claim you don't
they come in many ways like fonts
some smile with you and wish you luck
and keep knives to stab you at the back

some will add to your life
some will subtract from your life
some will change your life
some will bring change to your life

some pray for you to make it
and then hate you when you do
some feel love for you,and others take it
but be sure to pick the right ones when you do

the friends you keep determine how far you go
so i befriended perseverance and i reached the stars
most people get too close to ambition
but that friendship expires last like tuition

i had a friend named frank,he was never honest
and big mike was always the smallest
April was born in may and May in July
Trust was never trustworthy,all he did was lie

Justice wasn't a law abiding person
Michael wasn't an angel,neither was Gabriel
Candy wasn't sweet and Paul never went to church
Leonardo couldn't draw and Bright wasn't so bright

friends go a long way in our lives
they bring or remove impulse from our lives
so chose your friends wisely or timely
or you will end up untimely
doh re mi fa so la ti doh,now that's a sweet melody
but when love turns sour,the chords get broken,melody becomes a felony
my mama said "son,be careful when anybody comes to say,'i love you' "
my heart bleeds from all sides,a result of the expression "i love you"

the taste of sour love is worse than vinegar
it feels like ur locked up during the winter in a prison in Siberia
i never wanted it this way but this love became like a subway
it cant be repaired oh no! even if the parts are on lay away

when love turns sour,everything goes down the drain
i gave much,too much but don't know what ill get
cold nights,slow music,thoughts of what should have been in my brain
they told me love doesn't last,i shouldn't have made that bet

when love turns sour,you get a heavy heart on a skinny chest
its 50/50 fighting for love is like playing with the dead man's chest
still yet i'll take my chances in this Russian roulette
i tried so hard,but still my forehead got the bullet

this is what i get,mending the holes in my heart
i cant fight this alone,i tried,i tried :(
broken hearts,thoughtful heads,solitary lives,fear to commit,insecurities are all you get
Don't think you know me for a second..i am misunderstood
i am black but i am not from the hood,
but it's still a cold world,everybody needs a hood
i smile and frown,but i cant speak of my mood

most times we are too blind to see,
too blind to see the good in other people
when i say "i'm sorry" i mean it,i'm not too proud to be
when i say I love you,hold on to that,its a sequel

Dont judge me,but i'm not too perfect not to be
dont hurt me,but im not too perfect not to be
i'm imperfectly trying to take away my imperfections
in a world of billions,i am only understood by my reflections
so what's your motivation?,tell me
i put this out to those who cry out and say "inspire me"
so i write down my goals and search for motivation
but life gets stale at times,no innovation

i hear the people talking,i see the people watching
i wanted to inspire my mind,so i removed my key from the ignition and started running
trying to arrive at the point i dream of
on the way i fell a couple of times,sometimes i slept off

but i kept on going because chasing my dream is a reflex
patience,persistence keeps me going,i have no point of influx
mama said family,God and school over everything
but i got wiser and i say God and talent over everything

i'm trying to win,i'm a sore looser
i wont stop moving even when i hear the buzzer
i put dams n the vers that try to stop my mission
because i'm trying to make a couple of millions off my ambition

i have to keep pushing because i'm almost there
and i say to you,don't criticize me on my way there
or you can walk in my shoes and trip
life is now a journey,and i'm on the trip

i wont stop on this long road until i am successful
as i make life more eventful
i need to succeed as much as i need to breathe
so i keep on keeping on so i don't meet defeat

so tell me,what is your motivation?
we always ask the question,why?
why things happen the way they do
why people say they love you,like they actually do

why people discriminate some and like others
why the driver splashes water on you and dos'nt bother
why some cheat and pass
and some study and fail

why some are beautiful and some are not
some are poor and some have money a whole lot
why we call young guys that sag criminals
and also call people that steal criminals!

some have faith some despire
some are inspired some inspire
some are motivated and some motivate
some use theories and some innovate

life wont change if you keep asking these would change when you stand and say "i choose to be on the right side of life" and work towards it
sometimes people look down on me
like a black man who will never make it
but i am just a man and this is me
my future is pretty so let me face it

i know i may be smart but look at my heart
filled with ambition and might
i thought i knew it all but i am ignorant to limitations
and i wont be a poet if there was no invitation

i am only just a man
man enough to challenge all
an infamous writer with no fan
but i wont back down or stop at all

i’ll let nothing get in the way of my greatness
see me sad now but deep down i have happiness
wont stop till i get my standing ovation
this is who i am success’s imitation

so it’s simple,i try to get ahead
so my critics break down and make amends
i love them all but they should see my vision
my intention,because i feel the tension of a good impression

i’ll be lying if i say my mind isn’t exhausted
but who i am and what i do is the same thing
i gave my heart to my passion
my passion isn’t in my heart but with it

so i pray i make those millions off my ambition
but very soon i’ll need no introduction
this is who i am and i do what i can
even if i dont change the world i’ll inspire someone who can.
so you say you’re a bad ***** huh
so you prefer to be identified by bad ***** instead of ur real name huh
so you prefer to be valued by money instead of your worth
so you are a bad *****,i ain’t tryna judge you,this ain’t no court

the term “bad *****” can’t end you up as a wife
those instagram pictures wont work,you can’t put a filter on life
you were born original,now you chose to live as a copy
look colourful on the outside but your life is sloppy

the beauty of having beauty is a lot more than being beautiful
the path to life you follow isnt geting any where meaningful
so you say”love *****,i chase paper”*** to you love is just a verb
no cure for your attitude so you take drugs and herbs(****)

anything that has a monetary value is worthless
you used to value more but the tag”bad *****”made you less
you are now defined by pictures of you kissing the air,
exposing you ***** and *** looking for the next prey on facebook or instgram

we follow our dreams but a responsible man wont follow a”bad *****” on twitter
so you can say,you are not any responsible man’s dream
be a bad ***** all your youth and when old a baby sitter?
you raise the stakes for yourself and still cant cross the beam

life is not rosy and even if it is,roses have thorns
those things you do will hunt you,they’ll come with horns
lipsticks,eyelashes,short gowns,expensive wrist watches and purses
money first and then back on the ground,now thats a curse

bad ******* exist amongst us,they are our friends on facebook
"*******"sounds bizzare so she says shez a "bad *****"
the person you are still searches for the person you should be
and i hope youre eyes dont remain shut for you to see

and the younger girs see you and want to be like you
they want to dress all thight and paint their faces like you
no one wants to be like margareth thatcher
they all wanna be nickky minaj

these days there are more bad ******* than wives
and to responsible men it’s like stabs from 100 knives
because a bad ***** will follow men
but a lady will cling to a man

and if you say youre a bad ***** and you need no man
tell that to yourself when you turn 40
a lady isnt defined by how bad or ****** she is but how elegant and classy she is
a bad ***** is pretty but the beauty of a lady is defining

so choose today to be a lady and start the change for our generation!#thepoet
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