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  Jan 2017 Igho-Odiete

It is the poetry of little things that causes the earth to shred and shudder
The poetry of little things that ignites the greatest moments of bliss.
A smile from a little child,
A chuckle from a stranger.
The warmth of a knitted family
The entwining of old friends
The humming from the sea shores
The journey of the moonlight
The waves, the traveling waves
The Sea, the meandering sea
The Earth, the boundless earth
And the sweet song that nature sings.
These little things, garnered with the greatest love
Observed in silence
It is this poetry,
The poetry of little things that elicit the greatest happiness

Ovi Odiete© All right reserved
The poetry of little things..

Thank you all for the hearts and comments for this little poem of mine being picked as my SECOND DAILY
I can't thank you enough
May your rough road be smooth
  Jan 2017 Igho-Odiete
The Sea

The sea never did set for a journey alone
Her arms reached out to the world,
Her feet spread wide encapsulating a wider margin of earth en masse
Harrowing were her days when men visited,
Each cupping and taking turn squeezing her *******
And when they were done, they left her in the middle of the coldest of storms

It was her generosity and honesty that paved ways for her
She has been a helper and a Savior all her life
Leading the way and helping men find their lost road
But there was a dark path to her
Her dark days.
Those days that swallowed all virtues and greatest of men, leaving the innocent ones screaming and begging for a second Chance, so unfortunately they all drowned beneath the grave of the sea

Ovi Odiete©
The Sea
  Dec 2016 Igho-Odiete
We stand tall, yet so low
above our fears, below our doubts;
we can see through thick
and so we hope so bold
but that is as far as it goes
here we are, hands tied;
we cannot move far
and so we shout for us
to be free

In the grave of dreams,
are hopes shattered, and joy
turned sour
lights turned darkness;
shadows encamping our hopes
all that we ever longed for,
but could never accomplish
all the days of glory,
now a shadowing story

Let us be loose, we pray
take us out of this cage
break all these bars of rage
let us claim the roaring sea,
and name its depths our own.
From the grave of dreams,
I see the sky
but cannot claim it
and so I dare to fight the walls

From the grave of dreams
comes a thousand wishes.
In our helpless and tormented state,
we still seek for freedom
shouting through these scars of rage;
hoping through the chains of siege
praying with all tongues of flames,
but that is as far as it goes;
here we are, hands tied

We look to the world all known,
and wish for the thrills unknown;
though scared of the things unseen,
still wishing for them all
for a song to let us loose,
and a call to give us hope;
for we are locked within walls,
all we do is to dream of dreams
and so painful we never attained them.

Ovi Odiete©

Written 2014

*first published 2014 on poemhunter
So many dreams are shattered in the grave of dreams,
So many wishes never accomplished.
So many years lost within time

'In the grave of dreams, I am restricted within walls so all I do is scream to be heard in the distant hills'
  Nov 2016 Igho-Odiete

In guiltless times of love and war, take heed,
That all again the days will still flow.
As sun and moon did show on parched skies
That love will lead and war, recedes


In moonless nights of love and hate, take heed
That over all you win the twirling shadows
That wraps their fangs besides you
And hate will love do ****


In timeless skies of helpless days, take heed
That your inner strength eludes Misery's stench
That brings to you horrendous pasts
And over all, you win a hopeful war


In reckless acts of smile and tears, take heed
That your smile breaks the mauve feelings
Resting all the masking ruinings
And in all, you smile and laugh last

Ovi Odiete© Nov 12 2016

All rights reserved
Old and new.
Inspired by Victoria's and Ernest Lord Eremite's Poem HUNGER
Women have rights,
Right to life and right to speech
Rights to love and be loved

Feelings and emotions running wild,
Right to vote and be voted for
Feelings of happiness running high

Not to be harassed or blackmailed,
Not to be abused and relegated
Women think too
Respect the girl child,
And tender her
Give her the right words
And build her ego

if a man can lead the world,
A woman can heal the world

Professor Marylyn-dolly©
On gender issues
Sequel to my poem A Mourner's tale

Her days turned darkness, as evil taunted her soul
Shattered she stood as the night fought her
Harrowing it was when time stood still
Fearful it were when he held her down
as he took away her reason to smile again
In a journey of ten minutes he took away her dreams alongside her innocence

There was no morning too bright to elude this darkest plight
There was no one to hold her again
No reason to smile
No light too bright

And then

I say

It was blinding how the sun pierced into her damaged soul
And when night came, she could not feel,
She could not see

It was shattering
It was shattering how pieces of her couldn't be mended again
And how these pieces spread beyond her life
It was shocking

It was shocking how her own mind questioned her existence
And how she lived through life, existing, but not living
It was monstrous*

It was monstrous how men could damage a flower so pure and beautiful
And how they go on damaging more flowers,
Crushing them and eluding them all of their innocence
It was blackening
Copyright professor Marylyn-Dolly
All rights reserved.
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