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 May 2017 Ifeanyi
Amanda F
She paints her world
According to her pure intention.
Pure in her own figure,
Not in someone else's.
She doesn't speak,
Of words in complex.
Her mouth but translates
Her minds complexity into simplicity.
She doesn't need to speak but rare.
You've read her words,
You've witnessed the paradox
Of her pen-to-paper.
You understand her terminology
Of no bad cause.
She wordlessly preaches her rootless existence
Through the essence of her eyes,
As she hides behind the smoke of her cigarette
Extraordinary, in disguise

Amanda. F (c) 2017
Dedicated to my dear Mother - Lady R.F
With all my love
What makes
a rebel,
a revolutionary,
a visionary,
is not the
shouts of the

but their
to listen,
to listen
for the silence
and understand
why the silence
is there.
 May 2017 Ifeanyi
David Lessard
I remember when -
you looked at me
with love,
with desire in your eyes;
you never said a word -
just smiled and
took my hand -
how swiftly the time flies.

I remember when -
your voice was
my delight
your laughter cheered me much;
you looked at me
with love,
you blew me air kisses
you nodded when I spoke
and I melted at your touch.

I remember when -
you wrapped me in
your arms
and a treasured bond we made;
we held each other tight
in between us
smothered space -
some memories never fade.

I remember when -
you looked at me
with love,
the world was beautiful and grand;
that was years
and years ago
but time does not forget,
and nothing worked as planned.

Yet I remember when
you  looked at me
with love,
my nights were filled with sweetened dreams;
now nights are short
and restless,
the dreams destroyed -
undone by lies and petty schemes.

When love unravels,
nothing stays the same;
but I remember when,
you softly called my name;

and you looked at me
with love =

it was long before,
the sorrow came.
 May 2017 Ifeanyi
Thapz Kolatsoeu
Take time.
To relinquish the struggles.
Of the mind.
Drift into the world.
Of your imagination.
And dream.
Pursue the life.
Most sought, No doubts, no fears.
But with blinders,
And live the creation.
Of your dreams.
Like they say
Reality happens when you awaken
Be thankful that you had another day to live...
Celebrate, work, love, kiss just be... That is a moment to have
Gratitude for be thankful for experiencing the sun rays in your face... Inhaling and exhaling....
Tomorrow the sun will rise again.
Simplicity is reality
Simplifys who you are
Freedom in you and being natural.
When I was just a little girl
I wanted so much for my life
to resemble a beautiful secret garden,

I'm aware that this may sound
crazy and bizzare - if it does,
then please do beg my pardon.

A secret garden in the woods
with such beauty hidden deep within,

Full of secret pathways and passages
that only special people would know about,
fitted with padlocked gates - so not to let
any bad people in.

Pretty little flowers
in vivid colours
that please the heart and soul -
seen through the eyes of everyone,

Butterflies dancing above pristine hills -
with hedges making mazes;
for a touch of fun.

Crimson tree-tops and rose bushes
in every beautiful colour
ever created,

A place that is so unique - from it,
no soul could stand to be seperated.

Ineffable in its beauty,
like a magnet souls are attracted,

This secret garden,
like a heavenly day dream,
in a daze -
from it, you cannot be distracted.

Whether there was a blue sky,
or dark clouds, as a daily rooftop,

Love and happiness
would be nonstop.

A place where loved ones
always felt safe and secure,

Never wanting to find
the secret garden's door.

They'd always be free
to be themselves,

A wish
That we all have for ourselves.

When I was just a little girl
I wanted so much for my life
to resemble a beautiful secret garden,

Now I'm all grown up,
and still trying
to bring this aspiration to life;
this vision, is one,
I am never, ever discarding,

I really still want my life
to be just like a beautiful secret garden,

And if this sounds crazy or bizzare...
then, please do beg my pardon!

By Lady R.F ©2017
 Oct 2016 Ifeanyi
Dr Strange
Hiya gramps,

It's been a long time since I said hello
Not that I forgot about you though
It's just that things have been going kind of slow
I miss you, you just don't know
Honestly wish you never had to go
Life would have been so much easier wouldn't you say so
These tears wouldn't be flying like rain drops in the sky
Wouldn't be clinching this string so tight
Struggling not to say forget it all and just die
Belive me it's rather tempting but I could never bring myself to do it 
Always thought about that deathly frown you'd give me
And that judgemental shake of the head
Followed by the famous "I love you, but you got to try again"
Well anyways I just wanted to say hi I'm doing fine
You'd be so proud of me if you were still alive
For you and I I'll survive
Rest in peace grandpa I love you so much
 Oct 2016 Ifeanyi
Neni Cortez
it took 1 look to capture his eyes
it took 2 weeks for him to find me
it took 3 weeks to fall in love
it took 4 days after for me to leave
Time is playing a wicked game with my heart.
It passes right by without disgust,
just when love was settling in.
Somebody says everybody else is mad
Then somebody must be mad.
If somebody is the only one not mad.
In the land of the mad
A case of mad calling others mad.
But who is really mad?

It is so sad
To see that every one is sad
The truth of the lie is sad.
And if you are not sad
Then it is really sad
We are smiling but happily sad.

Now it is that bad
To say we are mad,
Is totally sad.
To say we are happily sad,
Is not that we are mad.
Remember, somebody must be mad
And the one that is mad
Is the one who says everybody is mad
Not that he's mad
Then who is sadly mad?

Well, he is mad
And I am mad
Cos you are now getting mad.
Still we say we are not mad
But he is mad
How can we all say he is mad?
How can we be sad he is bad?
Wait a minute, are we mad?
from a wonderful night
she came alive
oh my country
obscured in her gloomy might
her love seemed so right

the feign of her tattered story
she bears the burden of Africa
the reign of her battered glory
her body abut and juxtaposed Madagascar

I wish that I fly away
from my path
I might not stray
from the start
I was taught to pray

my dreams to soar in beautiful array
as the nation saddles in its own barrage
lamentations of 56 years' blink
I see on eagle's wings what victory brings
the joy of 36 shining gold rings
too bright to look at
naming and counting one for each

and when twilight was reach
in plenteous joy and happiness
to the people my heart outreach
compensation for years lived
in wood and ash
for a dear nation that clocks 56 and with 36 states. former state of the nation is better, yet I see the later to be brighter
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