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e Oct 2020
‘i don't know who u are anymore'
i don’t either
never knew i’d lose myself
e Aug 2020
everything is so loud
yet so quiet

i can't take this anymore

so why don't you tell me
what you think i should do.
does it ever just stop?
e Jul 2020
i dreamt of you once
long ago

and after that
i could never stop

wondering and wondering
about how you were doing.
did it finally get to you?
e Jul 2020
was it something i said?
that made you anxious

made you angry
or made you upset?
please forgive me.
e Jul 2020
Picture me there
With you

Helping you fall asleep
As you lay still in my arms

I promise to take care of you

Do you trust me?
Close your eyes

Picture me there
With you

Now what do you see?
sweet dreams
e Jul 2020
I thought of him when he was away
When I no longer saw his face

From time to time
I realized maybe this is it

I wanted to hear from him
See him once again

Until I did

And when I did
My heart felt so alive

I missed his presence
The way I felt around him

Or perhaps
Simply just him.
e Jul 2020
I know it's hard
but I want you here with me

Stay with me
and I won't waste your time.
please come back to me
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