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Sep 2020 · 185
Sura Sep 2020
you said,
“it’s killing us mentally”
but what was it exactly?
was it the fact that you waited
3 long days to explain yourself?
or the fact that you were scared
of all the good that I gave you?
Aug 2020 · 197
Wes Craven
Sura Aug 2020
she was a horror movie...
he was a ******* coward
who died within the first 5 minutes.
Aug 2020 · 486
Part 2? (Yes)
Sura Aug 2020
Maybe a little,
where one is dark, and one is light yet.
There they are.
the place where it meets the middle.

Where the sun dips down and kisses
the shadows,
and in the middle, there they are,
the colors,
the oranges, the pinks, the blues,
the reds,
until it’s a seamless line of completion.
Sura Aug 2020
Was it really that cliché?
The typical boy meets girl situation?
I think it is a little bit… (cont.)
Apr 2020 · 93
Sura Apr 2020
"I want you,
in the best of ways.

I want to make things go as far
as possible together
for as long as possible.

I want to make
you feel safe.
I want you to
support me.

And love me hard,
kiss me when I need it.

To never hide anything
but to tell me when
something is wrong."

But you never gave me any of that.

You lied to me,
and made me dig myself much deeper.
Deeper into a whole that would start to suffocate me.
I'm a Phoenix, and I will rise from the ashes that you caused after burning me.
Apr 2020 · 218
Sura Apr 2020
I don't think I bloomed
I think my roots got deep.
But I didn't grow
I have to keep it all buried and not let it show
Mar 2020 · 264
always keep fighting
Sura Mar 2020
always keep fighting
always stand tall.
even when you struggle
I won't let you fall.
always keep trying,
to love the life you live.
even when you're tired,
you've got some more time to give.
always be yourself,
even if you're strange.
let your freak flag fly,
and don't ever change.
always keep your head up,
you are not alone.
you've got an angel by your side,
and a family all your own.
always keep smiling,
even when life is tough.
and never, ever forget that
you are enough
I overcame a very rough point in my life, and wrote this poem as a thank you to those who helped.

— The End —