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icarus 1d

if my mind
was the universe
thoughts of you
would be the
stars that fill it
beyond measure

icarus 3d
i remember it all
moonlight pouring
through the window
spilling onto the bed
her eyes burning
as she lit up the night
a velvet touch
on satin skin
each flash of white
like a billion stars
for my eyes only
her soul displayed
her heart unfolding
that night she gave
me the universe
and i painted her the heavens
~ the way you looked that night still haunts me
icarus 4d
to allow her to love you
with a love that endures
first trust in her heart
and trust her with yours
pave way for her dreams
sit not on her throne
carry all of her fears
as if they are your own
allow her to grow
to question desire
nurse all of her embers
til she burns like wildfire
touch not her body
until you awaken her mind
she will give you her soul
and all of her time
icarus 4d
a burning love
by darkened night
her velvet skin
was set alight
in sweat and blood
a primal lust
an ancient love
made just for us
our bodies bound
by space and time
my heart you held
no longer mine
icarus 5d

the heavens opened
lightning crashing
though blackness
rain pouring, torrent
thunder echoed eternal
the sky crying out in anger
the universe in mourning
at the parting of our love

icarus 5d

the ink filled pages of your mind
still longing to be read
the song our hearts once sung together
still stuck in my head
now these nights just get harder
as two souls long to become one
like the moon i wait patient
for morning to come
in the darkness my body craves it
the gentle lullaby you moan
the electricity from your fingers
that sets fire to my bones
these thoughts haunt me now like demons
i am plagued by your ghost
and all our hidden little moments
are the ones i miss the most

icarus 7d

give love even to those
that deserve it the least
i promise you;
they need it the most

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