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Gabriel burnS
The Ribcage/ Black Flame    don't know? don't judge! you only know what you see // (h)our (s)hell // love IS war (of attrition) // scorch, scorch; pass the torch... ...
M    Le nathlam hí
yasaman johari
22/F/Persian Jasmine    The alley still blossoming Jasmines, Still carrying my childhood aroma عطر کودکی هایم را می دهد کوچه ای که هنوز گل یاس می دهد
Blair Julian Carver
Fayetteville    Wherever you are, for whatever reason, you are exactly where you need to be, and I promise, you will have peace. Instagram: @blairjuliancarver Twitter: @BlairJCarver ...
Sanjukta Nag
India    I am a thirsty poem longing for words
My own head    postmodernist.
Lady RF - Rosalie Fayad
Sydney, Australia.    Australian Poet, Rosalie Fayad - Lady R.F. Author of "The Edge of My World" is debuting her poetry book internationally - available at and ...
Eric Martin
Canada    Check out my Instagram for my Art mixed with Poems and soon music
Be the word you speak, one that echoes.
Ruman Hafsa
20/F/India    ..student...India...I always believe that "The rhythm of poetry is not just the rhyming of words, it's an inner voice of a poet's heart." I write ...
Ariel Baptista
Montreal, Quebec    If you like my work, find my blog at (Ariel Baptista is a pen name)
Jamie King
you know    "Having yielded up his lusts, his errors, his opinions and prejudices, he has entered into possession of the knowledge of God, having slain the selfish ...
Sydney Ann
In between worlds    I'm just here to dilute myself further into the abyss of emotion. That is all
Gaby Comprés
22/F/Dominican Republic    my heart beats in poetry.
Dhaye Margaux
Pearl Of The Orient Seas    Hello! I am a public secondary school teacher, a passionate artist married to her dream. I've been here since May 11, 2014 so it's been ...
I'm not a writer nor a poet, but here are my thoughts in words.
Sy Lilang
PPC Palawan, Philippines    "Ako'y saksi sa pagtagas ng mga salita sa kawalan, siyang tuntungan ng pag-ibig na isinaboy sa ginintuang kalawakan" - XL #JesusSaves #Architect
Rose L
By The Coast   
nowhere special    I'm not home.... leave a message
F/east coast australia    (*please note all of the work i post here is the intellectual property of betterdays and affilliated names and is covered by copywright law.)
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