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I went to that ****** festival in the desert
Only to see you on the stage
And share a parliament with you after your set
And watch the way your blue eyes sparkled

I forced myself to wait those 2 hours to text you back
Guided around the grass by friends
Tearing my hair out in nerves

And then I saw you galloping up
Cute smile and curled quirky lips
We shared the gin you snuck in
And watched Lady Gaga
And shared a cigarette
And I wore your coat
And watched your face light up
And you wanted to meet me again.
 Mar 2017 iamtheavatar
These trees are older than myself
And only half of them see the sun
As it sets beyond the distant ground
They're taller than me and I am tall
They've been reaching for the sky for far too long
Long before I could even crawl
My only brother's are these trees
And yet I've never acknowledge them as they are
As tall and faithful
As my slowly falling family
The kind of trees which stand to be
Such are these looming trees to me
I like such trees
Silence has taken me prisoner,
I am no longer allowed to speak
My lips have been sewn tightly shut,
I'll have to cut holes in my cheek

My words are cursed to stay inside me
Left there in my mind to drive me mad
And when I try to let them out and go free
They've all gone rotten, nasty, and bad

There are cobwebs on my thoughts that make them sticky
And my words turn into a huge swarm of spiders
Stinging my face with venom as they run out
I try to squash them all, but they're real fighters
I hate this, but my mind made me do it.
flesh to flesh
embrace me until
i come to life
ignite the veins
inside me
ablaze every dead
part of my body
hold me close when
i'm about to break out
comfort me
with your delicate touch
turn me into a rising daffodil
that will gleam
throughout the day
even if winter transcends me
Four old friends
Dead of winter small town
Smoke rising from chimneys
From cigarettes, and pipes
From trains riding the rural rails
From city spires
And factories
From airplanes
and Airplanes,
From Airplanes.
Smoke dancing and laughing
Stinging and coughing
Smoke in my hair and jacket
In the pores of my skin
Smoke in my eyes,
Up the hill
And through the woods
Dead of winter
Small town Germany
Four old friends
Walk two by two
Three by one
Four and four.
Walk by the church,
Down the creek,
Up the hills, the hills
And through the woods
Small town
Germany four old friends
Dead of winter
Cigar smoke and beer
Cigarillos in a chain
Smoke from crystalizing breath
And fireworks
Smoke from bonfires
And tailpipes
Smoke from airplanes
Airplanes and airplanes
Smoke from airplanes.
Smoke stains and cigarette burns
Little circles in my jacket
Four old friends dead of winter
Small town
Smoke tears
Smoke promises
Smoke memories that linger
Like the faint nausea
Of what-the-****-has-happened.
I watch the **** end of your last cigarette
Crumpled and fading
In the ashtray of that Badischer bar
And your eyebrow twitched
The heart-wrenching shiver
Of what-the-****-has-happened.
And I whispered:
airplanes and airplanes
I whispered airplanes.
That’s what the ****.
A merging of my experiences and those of a friend.
Evergreen and ivory
Turquoise tears bleed ebony
Fuchsia trees bear violet cherries
Blood oranges,
Mushroom clouds and ashberries.
These are the thoughts that grace my mind
As I turn to leave
Garden gnomes and rose scraped knees
Faster now
Faster than before
Kiss me golden,
Less, then more
And tell me who I am.
Coteries and clandestine deals
Soft-sweet midnight chamomile
And indigo aspirations
Somber February celebrations
Anniversaries white and red
Blue and green and white and red
And can you keep a secret?
Black-tea memories always slap me sleepless
And I have never known quite exactly how I feel.
Clementines suspended in yellow lamplight
Cross it out to scarlet rewrite.
Beige mountains and Alaskan hills
Crescent moon and sawdust mills
Silver smiles on a benign boat
Blessed if I'm an allusion to a footnote.
 Feb 2015 iamtheavatar
Zaahr H
Let the moonlight shine upon me,
For I am its unusual child.
I do not fear the dark,
I do not fear the unknown wild.

Let the moonlight shine upon me,
For I am its unusual child.
The blood that flows in me is a faint silver,
The depths of the crates are  my solitary eyes.

When I look for Mother in the night above me,
I am numbed by a strangely easing sensation,
Only you can understand me,
Only you can understand the desolation.
 Feb 2015 iamtheavatar
Jamie King
Reap a reaper,
riddle a riddler,
Out-think a thinker
while watching a man who
still steals steel
find peace in a
pierced piece,
as he see seas
that are ceasable.
laughing at laughter because it's laughable.

Risk seeking
to seek risking
so you can feel feelings
of love for a lover
because they're lovable
while realising that in reality they are not reliable
They get sensitive
about sensitivity
is that sensible?
Questioning questions
that are not questionable.

End at the beginning
or begin at the end
to rest restfully as you
dream dreamfully about
articulating art artfully.
I thought I'd try something different and just free my mind I hope you enjoy it
 Dec 2014 iamtheavatar
"Die." they chanted.
They beat him.
Hurled insults.
He never retaliated.

"Weak!" they shouted.
Hung him.
Blood on his face.
Tears in his eyes.

"Ha!" they mocked.
But he loved them.
Wanted them back.
And he died

To save them.

His name was Jesus.
On and Off
Lost and Found
In and Out

That's our love-
I found you
We celebrated with our feelings
Like it is forever

There's a time we say 'hello'
And then a moment we say 'goodbye'
But nothing is constant
Words change
Moods change
Except the names etched in our hearts
It will always be the same

I will always love you
I will always believe in you...

No matter what.
I will always love you
I will always believe in you...

No matter what.
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