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Nicole Feb 18
I like how you answer
those ******, useless questions
they ask. Did i ever mention
how beautiful you are?
I said, thank you, let me
write you a poem.

if i was a poet, i'd write you a letter
confessing the woeful thoughts that
crossed my mind whenever you'd speak your mind.
you've always been attractive, and i have always been
attracted to you. but the universe makes it clear,
we can't trust each other.
Nicole Feb 14
Death—You **** the life out of me.
A family— A dog — an Old man—
Death—You **** the life out of me.
Nicole Aug 2018
It all started in 8th grade
     and never ended.
Nicole Aug 2018
this garden of green
(and a little bit of yellow and pink)
    is full of life
         and lies.  I have told
my stories to the plants
and flowers
on this garden of green
many times before, hoping
they'd talk or, perhaps, love
me back.

i have been wishing
for a firefly
to come to this healthy
garden of green
of mine, and none came.

And i'm glad.
i cannot **** a firefly.
something so precious and rare,
i cannot **** or imprison or limit it.
i will be too powerful it is making me
Nicole Aug 2018
a benign laugh
for every ludicrous act
   (laugh out loud, my dear)

to heed and to conform with

the injustices of life,
that you aren't mine
         (and I
                     am yours)

is rather amusing
and divine.

— The End —