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Aug 2014 · 1.3k
IamMsIves Aug 2014
I found you at the right time

when life is out of tune and needs rhyme

I found you at the right place

after drifting back and forth to find solace

I found you when I'm on the brink of loneliness

and took me in your arms

as you pressed me into your heart

realizing that you made me

a better person, loving and kind

Unleashing the hidden emotion

and affection that is inside

letting me loose myself

and be the real me

Now I have you and you have me

not for now but for eternity

answering to the call of our love

that needs assurance,

that I am yours

not to give but to keep.
This is a non-rhyme piece from me. Seldom happens because I'm a sucker for rhyme but this is what my-muse dictates me to write.
Aug 2014 · 984
IamMsIves Aug 2014
You feed my hunger
And called me **** thing
You filled my heart with gladness
And stop me from wandering.

My cold days are warmer
In your arms I feel alive
The ache, lack and longing
You help me survive.

The gap and dearth I feel inside
Are filled with your song
Of words so sweet and tender
My happiness you prolong.

You make me feel beautiful
I’m glowing inside and out
You told me I’m special
I believe you no doubt.

You are making me “ME” again
Vibrant and full of life
Casting all traces of bleakness
‘Cause now I am revived.
Aug 2014 · 18.1k
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Feel my tears as it pour you today

It's the simple and only way

To let you know

That I love you

Oh God,

Don't stop the rain

The rain and my tears

Are one and the same.

I was talking to a friend on viber and tears just keep on flowing.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Is that you?
The one I love and adore
Do not go
I will knock on your door.

How are you?
Still in the dumps
Don’t say no
I have goose bumps.

Is that a grin?
I hate to see you like that
Let me come in
I just want a short chat.

How I wish love
I could take you out from there
Your blues I could rid off
Your woes I could care.

Love, I wish I am free
To test what we shared
Bring me down from reality
Then fantasy will be spared.

As I was skimming through my poems, I saw this piece I wrote last February. I was broken-hearted then, with the same man I have now. :)
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
Your Moves
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Baby you're killing me with your moves

Your easy gait and **** grooves

Oh gosh! but I want to sway with you

Be tossed and turned, my beau.

Your moving, **** image

Is in my mind through out the day

Yay! it didn't help the adrenaline rage

As in my mind with you I sway.

Oh my! but that body I so adore

Now I'm drooling so much more

Johnny Bravo, step aside, step aside

My man has a body that's driving me wild

With his easy gait and **** grooves

I'm sure ladies will come in droves

Shhh! but I'll let them in

And gladly kick their shin!

The result of watching him dancing salsa. And it's true when I said I will kick her shin if she ever drool over his legs. LOL
Aug 2014 · 334
IamMsIves Aug 2014
I will hold your hand to wherever

place you may bring me

explore the unexplored,

discover the undiscovered

May the void within me

be filled as it can be

As passion and desire

maybe unraveled

Hold my hand, lead the way

and take it slow

For now knowing each other

is what we will do

For trust and affection

in time will grow

May it will give us inspiration,

I do hope so.
Aug 2014 · 645
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Numbness all over me,
Awashing me away from sanity,
Great foams splashing, thrashing,
tossing, turning
Drowning me, burying me to death.

Losing myself in this swirling limbo,
Feeling the breath of fire in the inferno,
Numbness, numbness all over me,
Darkness, madness sorrounds me.

The light is fading, Oh I see,
At the end of the tunnel, don't go away,
My steps are weary, I take one, two, three
Blindness and fatigue prevented me.

Nothing, I can see nothing,
Darkness, bleakness in everything,
Groping, looking for something,
A hand, a strong hand now moving.
Aug 2014 · 437
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Did you ever stop to think,
what it would be like to have no muse?
Because you feel like life is in the brink
without love, I am nothing but a belle with no use.

That when life seems ebbing,
emotions flowing like a stream?
Because it takes you to a never ending
soul-wrecking, self-blaming state you are deem.

Did you ever stop to think,
why we wasted so much time in blogging?
And expect much understanding from our online link
simply because sometimes only them can give the loving.

That when everything fails,
there the desperation begins
seeking answers to the thought-of happy ending fairy tales
And the "what-ifs" and "what could have-beens".

Did you ever stop to think,
that if you stop craving for the things you couldn't have
and settle for the things in your hand, be at peace and in sync
unexpectedly, you will receive the wonderful thing called LOVE.
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
When I'm Gone
IamMsIves Aug 2014
When I’m gone

will you remember
the way you read my eyes
like an open book of emotions
full of love, packed with desires
filled with passion, bare of pretensions?

will you remember
my laughter, my smiles
even my tears that won’t let
me hide any lies,
purging the storms within,
saving myself from drowning?

will you remember
how my stares made you feel
as it strokes your body
in our own free will
riding in the ripples of desire
and the love we acquire?

And when I’m gone

will you remember
my unselfish love
the way I opened up to you
giving what I am capable of
unleashing everything that is hidden
expressing the words unwritten

Because when I’m gone**

I will remember you
my one and only true.

Aug 2014 · 1.5k
Dance, Let's Go!
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Who am I kidding?

No subject is worth musing

My mind is as blank as my sheet

Emotions I am deplete

Muse why you have to fail me?

I’m just drifting like a bee

Buzzing, humming, hmm

My mind is staying mum

Words are in jumble

I can’t seem to figure

Oh well, I might as well get up

Put on my shoes,

Fill my dancing cup

Here I come, Zumba

And stop this drama.
I've written this some time ago but decided to re-post as this is what I am feeling right now. I'm full of love and life but sometimes there are things that makes me off. Things that I shouldn't be bothered about but can't help feeling it. Word/s that inadvertently uttered but cuts deep.

Going to Zumba now!
Aug 2014 · 844
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Don't resist my charm

Don't think I bring harm

Because I will not

I'm here to twist some knot

Just go with the flow

Let emotion show

Supressed feeling

Will give you nothing

But imbalance life

And sometimes strife

See the twinkle in my eye

And my sweet alluring smile

As I sway my perfect hips

And pout my red-tainted lips

While I flip my red-brown hair

I know you want me in your lair

How can you resist my charm

I'm a seductress, I am.
Aug 2014 · 388
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Under this white sheet of purity and love
Our warm bodies meet with so much longing and want
Mind-blowing desires we feel cannot be hidden
Forces of nature should be partaken.

Turning my back now,
you slowly sneak your arms around my curves
Resting your face on my slender neck
Smelling my sweet scent of talc and milk.

Engulfing me with your warmth and love
Legs imprisoning me as you press your hard body to mine
While trailing kisses that brought chills down my spine.

As your hands tenderly touching me in the right places
I moaned and shouted your name in ecstasy and release
You covered my mouth with soft, unhurried kisses
Preventing the sound that you so selfishly created, but drowned.

Now, I forced my eyes to stay close
Savoring the moments and the contentment it brought
But this **** eyes are opening, and as I turned my head around
I saw a pillow without a crown.
Aug 2014 · 653
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Like the waves
Our love is lapping
Calming me
Soothing you
Our passion in constant bond
We’re a dream come true.
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
Forever And A Day
IamMsIves Jul 2014
You painted my world with happiness,
letting me glimpse of what could
have been, as I see the colors
with so much gladness
and the world as to
what it seems.

Every time I looked into your eyes,
I am mesmerized of the feeling
it evoked that made me
realized and looked
up the beautiful
blue skies.

White clouds scattered in clusters,
as you skillfully braced the
unwanted storm, giving
way to a bright day
hiding away rain
and tears.

This feeling I will treasure, I say
as in my heart you occupy a
biggest part, loving you
now is like living in
eternity, I love u
forever and
a day.

Jul 2014 · 1.0k
IamMsIves Jul 2014
Words spoken to me
Caresses eternally
Satisfies hunger
As love dusts all over me
My man, my friend, my lover.
Jul 2014 · 612
IamMsIves Jul 2014
On a night like this, moon shining the brightest
Illuminating two lovers in a sensuous kiss and embrace
Feeling each other’s fullness and tightness
Devouring the love that only them can trace.

Moving slowly to feel the momentum
Not bothering of what is in the unknown
Pieces by pieces clothes were peeled in random
And started hearing each other’s soft moan.

Music and wine brought heady feeling of the moment’s bliss
Consuming each other’s sweetness and wetness to the core
Heartbeat quicken like a snake’s hiss
“My love, move me slowly and mount me on the floor.”

Kisses trailed all over the body
Like electric wave coursing shocks down the spine
Hands exploring the folds and crevice that respond to him only
“My love I am ready, make me yours as you will be mine.”

Basking in the moment of love’s tenderness and promise
Lulling oneself in the taste of each other’s ultimate heights
Facing now to feel ones calmness and happiness
Laughing and frolicking in the aftermath, forgetting that reality bites.
Jul 2014 · 544
IamMsIves Jul 2014
When you need your path illuminated
Remember my love for you
and a light will be created
It will lead your way out of misery
And stop you from being weary.

My love for you is a beacon of hope
Nothing in life we could never cope
Hand in hand, together we will conquer
The odds that lurking in the corner.

My love, don't be afraid, trust me and my love so deep
Your heart, your mind and your soul are mine to keep
Yesterday, today and tomorrow our love will stay true
I'll be forever here for you without much ado.
Jul 2014 · 484
IamMsIves Jul 2014
There were times when I dont know who I am because I love to pretend

There were times when I am down but I stayed up so you can mend

There were times when I want to talk drama but I masked my pain

For you not to worry, in your reality you'll remain

There were times when I'm breaking in two
but stayed whole for you

There were times when tears will rip me apart
But smile and pleasantries I'll impart

There were times when I feel I have to have you
But told myself from you I will unglue

I don't want to pretend anymore,
Talk to me and hide no more

Let me hear the final word
Even if it will pierce like a double-edged sword.
An old write but...
Jul 2014 · 340
IamMsIves Jul 2014
Desire me and my beauty
take me to heights; don’t feel it’s your duty
did you forget how I smiled for you
the fire in my eyes can’t be put out by anyone but you.

The sway of my hips once blew your mind
‘cause you say I’m one of a kind
my touch on your body melts you to pieces
sends you to worship me on bended knees.

My kisses sweetly trailed on your hot spot
makes you burn for me and take your shot
my moves when I grind is for you and you only
makes you tight and in engorged glory.

Now, desire me and my beauty
don’t feel it’s your duty
come fill my soul to yonder
so I will not be lost and wander
to the depths of this world
with the broken souls I may unfurl.
Jul 2014 · 1.7k
IamMsIves Jul 2014
I love you but not as before
When everything I can I would give
But now, not anymore.

I love you but some things changed
You're not the one bringing my smile
It is somebody that must not be named.

I love you but I don't miss your voice
I'm content now with your seldom text
That's not my making, it's your choice.

I love you but you're not what I need
When before your words gave me warmth
But now you withhold but I will never plead.

I love you as I know you love me
Twisted to some
But for us, it's the way and how we see.

I love you and that means
"Te Amo, my friend"
Now, I'm spilling the beans.

Jul 2014 · 1.7k
Come Back
IamMsIves Jul 2014
I woke up to the sound of your kisses
as I opened my sleepy eyes
your face hovering over
with your radiant smile.

You softly touch my face
following the contours
you so love and adore,
now my heart soars.

I put my hand over yours
entwining fingers as I
bring it to my chest
releasing a sigh.

Looking through your eyes
concealed is adoration
you just don't know how
to put it into motion.

I miss you my dearest
you're so near yet so far
come to me, light my fire
and diminish the scar.

Jul 2014 · 351
Missing Me
IamMsIves Jul 2014
I miss her more as days pass by
her vibrance, her gait, her grace
that inspires others with her
and all time high

I miss her more as days pass by
the twinkle of her eyes,
the blush in her cheeks
her tweeety tongue
and witty reply

I miss her more as days pass by
her passion and desire
that lits every fiber
and bone of her
body on fire

I miss her more as days pass by
of being truly appreciated
not neglected with
sugar-coated lie
not I, would buy

Yes, I miss myself all this time
not hurting, not doubting
nothing; other than
to love, to be loved
is it a crime?

Early morning thoughts
Jul 2014 · 463
Angel of Mine
IamMsIves Jul 2014
Angel of mine come to me tonight

Cast away the green-eyed monster

That's residing in me, putting out my light.

Angel of mine come to me tonight

Clear my mind, wake me up from this furor

So that one day I'll accept all, despite.

Angel of mine come to me tonight

I'll lay my head on your shoulder

Wrap me in your arms as I glow in the dark so bright.

Oh, angel of mine come to me tonight!

My attempts of settling down my misplaced, uncalled and baseless emotion called the big J.
Jul 2014 · 654
IamMsIves Jul 2014
You drained me out of words
when you show me your world
fantasy full of lies
beneath the dark dark skies.

I was speechless,
witless, powerless
to act on impulse
no less.

The culmination of our meeting
lead me into thinking
I am no scatter-brain
to be used for your pain.

Yet something told me
ominous as a dark cloud can be
you are not who you are
a dream, you so callously portrayed to me.

You are a wolf you say
howling, hunting for a prey
in my dreamless sleep you came
bare of everything;
armed with burning desire to fullfil the beast that you became.

You touched me like hell
I was like a wrecking belle
repulsing every movement you take
stopping every attempt you make.

Go away, don't disturb me and my peaceful sleep
go back to God-knows where you came so deep
don' t drag me to your so- called world, sicko-wacko
You're a man not a wolf you know.

Swallow your own thirst
engulf by your own dark mist
drown in your own sorrow
because now I blocked you
to leave me in peace and a better tomorrow.
Jul 2014 · 907
IamMsIves Jul 2014
Like wilted rose under the 
scorching sun
Her beauty suddenly faded
Not a thing can be undone.

When before hues of red petals
tainted her lips
Now it painted her face in
total eclipse.

Rolling her body over the
pricking thorns
that before were a testament
of a full life
But now caresses her in
****** forms.

Like wilted rose under the
scorching sun
This faded beauty, a tale of misery
And in her hand, a shiny gun.

Jul 2014 · 487
IamMsIves Jul 2014
Looking at myself beyond those dreamy eyes of yours
Brought me back to those days
When you close the doors.

Not one day that I'm not thinking of you
When yearning for your sweet words
And soothing voice makes me through.

So many days spent in wishful thinking
The what ifs and what could have beens
Only to realize that the clock is ticking.

I told myself time and again
That there will be no more us
And nothing can break the chain.

I asked myself why can't he embrace my love
Then enjoy both worlds
And share the feelings we speak of?

Alas I have you back, my man
Closer and more loving as before
And so my life again has began.

My love, I have you now
Bringing me happiness and glow
Sadness I won't allow.

My love for you is deep
Press me in your heart
As forever, you, I will keep.


— The End —