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Dec 2018 · 166
Dinner of Judgments
In a world full of false judgments
Totally deceived by their senses
Two genuine souls
Were dining at the table of truth
Eating with full of love, laughter, and life
Enjoying the precious moments
Felt like no one's around
Time stopped running
No criticism.
Dec 2018 · 292
Meeting you the First Time
You were standing in front of the crowd
Wearing the color of purity
White as the cotton and clouds
Clean as your intentions on me.

I walked slowly towards your way
Wearing the color of romance
Red as the rose and fire
To make your cold spirit warm.

As our bodies embraced one another
Two hearts made a distinct harmony
Even the great Bach won't understand
Love is really unexplainable
It is maybe the eyes to hear
Or perhaps ears to see.

krstjn (life exp.)
Dec 2018 · 344
Power of Love
We are kingdoms and oceans apart
Met you in a southeast land
Love united our frozen hearts
I held your caring soul
You accepted me as a whole
Another chapter unfolds.

krstjn (life exp.)
Oct 2017 · 647
Patiently Waiting
When you left for a reason
I said, “I understand.”
But actually, I don't.
My fault, I regretted.
Still thinking why,

I love you
More than myself
Sacrificed all I have
I thought, “I’ll be fine.”
Missing your arms now
Feeling cold and blue.

Your smiling face
I'm missing it so much
Looking at your photos
Can't remember how many times
Where are you now?
Are you coming back?

I'm patiently waiting here
Even there’s a little or no assurance
for you to come back.
I'm still under your spell
still blinded by your words.

Someone’s telling me I'm dumb
For believing your promises
I love this illusion you gave me
Don’t wake me up until I figure out
The truth that you already left me.

God once gave sinners a chance
So, who am I to be stingy?
How much chances I need to give?
I'm already insane
Insanely in love with a fool.
May 2016 · 215
Crazy Promises
I need love 'cause I'm just a man
and just let me hold your hand
I don't have wonderful plan
Trust my love and you'll understand.

You told me I'm so crazy
Yes, I'm crazy in love with you
Come on and don't be lazy
I'll change your life from hue.

I want to lie on your arm
And talk for the whole night
I won't send you to harm
I'm going to love you right.

All the memories we have
Are all written on the sky
Mark my every word my love
We will never say goodbye.
Apr 2016 · 677
The Death and Hope of a Man
I am a man with a simple dream
To be a good husband to my half
Build a home full of life and love
And carry a child of my own.

I know I will come to that point
When? And how will it be?
Will it be change into darkness?
I feel like my time is up.

I'm now lifting a world at my back
Like Atlas, but I'm too weak for that
I am too young to be here
Experiencing this whole nightmare.

She has another man in her life
Her behalf is now sick to death
Their child is too young to understand
While I'm a half human and a half

Rip my body and tear it into
A big pieces, part by part
Sell my sinful soul to the King
Then buy a child a dress to wear
For the day of my memorial.

I have my one and only will
Bury my heart under a plant
So I will help the plant to grow
To have their child something to eat.
Apr 2016 · 1.3k
He Told Me That He Loves Me
He told me that he loves me
I do not know why to him
He's just silently crying
Slowly bent his knees at me.

He told me that he loves me
And I really love him too
Since we were in seventh grade
But I am  scared to tell him.

He told me that he loves me
But we are not meant to be
And I know there is someone
That meant for him and not me.

Last night was the most awaited
I got full courage to tell him
But I bumped into a fast car
So I didn't tell him the truth.

He told me that he loves me*
In front of my tomb kneeling
It hurts me so much more

I was hit by a fast vehicle.
Apr 2016 · 510
Wasted But Thankful
I gave my whole life to you
You wasted it.

I offered my purest love
You rejected it.

I made you happy
You made me miserable.

I loved you more than anything
You rejected and walked away.

You torn me into pieces
I'm thankful I learned to love myself first.
Apr 2016 · 842
Intimate Innocence
May I lay on your arm and let me rest?
And let my hand begins to touch your chest.
I feel your heart that is beating faster,
Don't be nervous, I will be your master.

Kissing your soft lips makes me line on track,
And I really love how you touch my back,
All your edges and your perfect curves,
Makes my soul alive, activates my nerves.

Tell me your secrets and I will tell mine,
And get to know each other's dimension,
Your body is a sign of a good merit.
Rip my skin and search for my cold spirit,

And my right hand starts to explore more,
Until I touched and hold the deepest core,
I look into your eyes and I felt something
**I am now a  complete human being.
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
First time in my whole life
Over twenty years of my existence
Realizing how beautiful life is
Even there are many hardships
Visiting good memories with someone
Elevate my mind, heart and soul
Realizing no matter what happen in life
More and more good memories will come
On the right time and the right place
Raising my life to **God Almighty
Existence is my greatest blessing forevermore.
I am thankful of who I am and what I am right now.  We are really blessed for our existence. Giving this optimistic poem for those who suffers pain and hardships. God give us challenges to be strong in everyday life.
Jan 2016 · 1.2k
Drink You Away
I am alone now here at the bar
Beside me is a girl and a beer jar
I do not mind about the girl
Because my mind is now on swirl.

A shot of tequila and a lemon
Make a toast for being forever alone
Give me a another glass of ***
I am cold and I want to feel warm.

My heart and brain still feel the pain
Like I drank tons of liters of gin
Please make a drink for a heartbreak
And the bartender started to shake.

I tried all of these drinks and runaway
But still, I cannot drink you away
Give me another round of champagne
Just to forget and ease the pain.
Jan 2016 · 1.2k
Farewell, My Love
Today is the day
That you will leave this place
Fly to a wonderful journey
Thousand miles from home
Just like a million miles from me.

I saw you packing your things last night
Then you kissed my forehead
I cried silently and secretly
And for the first time in my life
I felt the bitter-sweet death.

Today is the day
Please hug me for the very last time
To feel your love and warmness
Put my freezing heart into fire
Hold me tight like there is no tomorrow.

Promise me to take care of yourself
And keep in touch whatever happens
And if you find another one
It is alright, just tell me right away
I have no rights to be with you at all
But I am hoping for the day,
to have a little space in your heart.

Today is the day**
To start your brand, new beginning
I will never, ever forget you
Just remember, I still love you
I'm still waiting for you to come back.
Its hard to let go of person you really love,
but all you can do is just wait for a good or an unfortunate outcome.
Jan 2016 · 772
Be My Strength
I know I'm strong enough to face them all,
I always rule, the leader of everything,
I can weaken walls and conquer fear,
But my thoughts were all wrong and I fell,
Into the darkest part of nowhere.

But when I first saw your heavenly smile,
My freezing feelings started to fade and melt,
Oh, please join me in my lonely journey,
Be my power, my strength
my life.

I wanted to hold your precious body,
It makes my spirit awake and  my heart alive,
My love, you're so far away from me!
But just remember my faithful words,
I'll protect you because I love you.

I promise to love you unconditionally,
Doing everything just to make you happy,
I know there are predators that are watching us,
Just trust my everlasting love to protect you,
I'll be your warrior for all your wars,Your companion until the end of time.
Jan 2016 · 871
I Love You, Goodbye.
I feel like I am untouchable and useless,
Like an empty, fading piece of a shell,
But when you suddenly came in front of me,
You picked and kept me in your chest. 

I felt the care and warmness in your heart,
The feeling I have not experienced before,
You placed me near your heart and soul,
You took care of me like I am yours.

You give me the reason for my being,
And I really love what I am feeling,
You give my life brighter path and definition,
I am really thankful that I met you.

Now you are leaving to take a new journey,
I thought you are now going to leave me,
But you just hold me tight and stare,
There was no action, no words to say.

You should throw me back to the sea,
and pretend that nothing happens,
You are a human and I am just a shell,
Truth hurts, we are not meant to be.

Do not worry If I will be gone too soon,
I am always here, just look at the sea,
But if you will find someone that will cherish you,
I will be really happy for the both of you.
"For the person that I love but, we are not meant for each other."

— The End —