Mar 17 · 58
That crazy pianist
knight Mar 17
Playing piano
Without caring
how it sounds

Composing songs
without caring
About the lyrics

Crazily singing
When no one
Is around

While playing
The old brown piano
Mar 13 · 43
Fading away
knight Mar 13
I'm sorry that I couldn't stay
Like a vapor I'm fading away
Feb 20 · 53
knight Feb 20
Don't know what else to say
Letters scattered through my brain

Can't find words to explain
the thoughts inside me fail
Feb 7 · 71
knight Feb 7
happy alone
enjoys himself

Wants no one
Can't get close with

Get near
And be killed
Staring at knight
Jan 31 · 152
Describe Life
knight Jan 31
Life is beautiful
Full of God's blessings

Life is wonderful
Full of God's grace

Life is amazing
Full of God's love

Life is challenging
Full of problems encountered

Life is painful
Full of wounded soul

Life is from God
Don't waste it

You exist
Thank God for it
Jan 31 · 77
Blood moon
knight Jan 31
Some beautiful things can't appear
Where there is light

beautiful things appear
Even in the dark

Just like the blood moon
You won't see it until it's dark
Jan 27 · 73
knight Jan 27
I smile
I cry
But I'm okay

Just like
and rain

Day after day
It's not the same
Jan 25 · 135
knight Jan 25
Capturing moments
Happily smiling

Pictures don't change
Just the people inside them do

May have feelings today
I don't expect it last
Jan 25 · 72
My human Teddybear
knight Jan 25
Sparkling eyes
Adorable smiles
Chubby cheeks
Lovely lips

Wish I could be
with you longer

Wish I could stay
With you forever
Edlin ❤
Jan 22 · 57
knight Jan 22
God gave His all
Yet we couldn't give
anything at all
knight Jan 22
God made this world
a place where we could live

He created you and me
to be with Him eternally

God made us perfect
but we chose to sin

Sin destroyed humans
and  left us broken

We were bound to Hell
because we are sinners

God hates sin
But love the sinner

But God made a way
To be with Him

God loves us this much
that He gave His son away

Jesus died to pay
your sins away

He resurrected
A mighty God, He is

All you have to do
is to have faith in Him

Ask God for forgiveness
He's waiting for you to ask

Jesus can only saved
a person bound to Hell
can go to Heaven
Jan 19 · 59
knight Jan 19
A heartless soul shot you
I don't know why

A tragic death
but peace within your soul

One day, we'll meet again
in Heaven

At any age
Death may come
Jan 16 · 303
Eternally loved
knight Jan 16
From the moment
You opened your eyes

You were beautiful
God created you

You were foolish
God gave you wisdom

You were protected
God gave you angels

You were in trouble
God rescued you

You were loved
God never left you

You were weak
God gave you strength

You were hurt
God took your pain

Your were lost
God found you

God's love for you is endless
It can never run out or stop

God deserve your love
Because He gave All His love
Jan 13 · 150
Love requires pain
knight Jan 13
Couldn't imagine
Love would cause death

Couldn't imagine
Love requires pain

Jesus suffered and died
And took your sins away

He have rescued
From you sin and shame

His love never fades
His grace never change
God loves you
Jan 12 · 81
hour glass
knight Jan 12
you'd never know
when life ends

how much time
you have left

like an hour glass
slowly fading away

Look forward even
You have only today
Jan 11 · 61
Half hearted
knight Jan 11
Two choices
Yes or No

Two paths
Stay or Go
Jan 11 · 1.2k
Even without me
knight Jan 11
Even without me
You'll just be fine

Even without me
You'll still be you

Even without me
You'll still smile

Even without me
You'll still feel glad
Jan 6 · 69
knight Jan 6
My heart wants
What my mind doesn't
Jan 6 · 65
Wish I didn't felt
knight Jan 6
Often times  
Feelings are just stupid

For whatever reason
I didn't want to have
Any feelings

I didn't want to
Feel anything
I didn't want to
Let anything affect me

But that feelings
Makes us human
Dec 2017 · 69
Less than 2 hours left
knight Dec 2017
Another year has passed
Time flies so fast
Like nothing, wouldn't last

When death knocks
To take your soul
Time on earth is over

Only two worlds
You will go
Heaven or Hell

We have but
Helpless soul
Nothing we can do

Trust Jesus
For He can
Only save
Your dying soul

— The End —