knight 5d
Don't know what else to say
Letters scattered through my brain

Can't find words to explain
the thoughts inside me fail
knight Feb 7
happy alone
enjoys himself

Wants no one
Can't get close with

Get near
And be killed
Staring at knight
Wandering in thought
Descending internal wither
Seemingly asleep in wakefulness
Is this mind bitter?

Externally silent
Internally loud;
Lost in mind with endless drama,
Out of mind with mindless trauma

Departed away in unrest slumber
Dazed in never-ending thoughts;
Clouded by confused wonder
Is this what I sought?
Meaning: One day I was laying on my bed and I started to have racing thoughts. Thoughts that quite bothered me and filled me with sadness and confusion. I felt the need to express these feelings and thoughts into a poem. The specific random words that don't seem to go together such as "confused wonder" truly express what I was feeling during that moment. A feeling of confusion because of why and what was happening but a sense of wonder at the same time at why that happens and the confusion in itself is full of wonder. The thoughts seem so loud but on the outside it is only silence.
  Feb 7 knight
Penelope Winter
For now it’s torture
But one day I’ll get to say
You were worth the wait

- p. winter
  Feb 7 knight
Ryan Holden
In life we wither
slowly as we go
through seasons weathers
nature always grows.

We can contemplate
and we can always worry,
we can’t subjugate
so we suffer covertly.

If we took a seed
to sow, no fear,
even noxious weeds
know reasons it’s here.

As the years start to orbit
and time keeps on ticking,
worry about your wallet
it won’t show in your coffin.

Summers end pinches us
for the seeds we have sown,
disbursement of pods fuss
for the spring, to be grown.

With nothing to lose
with nothing to fear,
if it’s dwelling you choose
whilst you spend your time here.

Nature knows it snows
and nature knows it’s flaws,
still happy it knows
a new seasons open doors.

Only to bloom and admire bliss
whilst they are working hand in hand,
with Mother nature’s glistening kiss,
perhaps one day we will understand.
I just had a thought about how people go through life worrying about everything, and nature is happy knowing it can spread seeds for the next season. Just a perspective! Haha enjoy :)
  Feb 7 knight
Cat Lynn
A wilting rose is slowly regaining it's strength after years with out sun or rain...

And finally it's leaves reveal their greenness of hope. It's Mistress beauty remains

For once it speaks out from it's slowly blooming petal's within. Weak and soft, sick of being haunted

I can't see myself to be something that is beautiful or worth loving or wanted...

A small grain of grass speaks into it's almost lifeless soul, waving in the wind to catch the beauty's attention.

Why can't you? Look at me! I am simply green! With thousands of others who share the same attraction!

And here you are! The jewel that stands out alone! An easy target for the eye!

And what is it I hear? A selfish complain? Your Midnight core wakes up the dead inside!

Madam of Dark Matter! Your shades of shadows break out the harmony of dreams!

You inform the creatures of this world the realness of death and how it's not what it's seems

You contain an elegance that many have labeled as wrong. You have qualities that are beautiful and rare

Should you put to shame the gift the Lord has placed in you individually?  Stop being so scared!

The thorns of her small thick body grew in a hurtful rush, tears from  yesterdays rain returning

What if my thorns of protection become a burden, What if I were to become a bush, would they stress out because my arms are reaching?

The single small piece of grass dangle with the rest of it's family in the wind, it's eyes locked on beauty in distress

Look out into the distance and you will see a family of me. There are billions of us, we were created to bless!

Though there are so many, we are never a burden, for we are the carpet of nature's foot steps.

We guide new members of the ground and dirt, We build them up to lift them from the depths.

Be in praise you have thorns! For too many are foolish not to protect them selves from danger

Stand your ground and deepen your roots. Do now allow your blossom to desire to go back into the dirt as a stranger

Everything has a purpose... everything has a time... everything has worth when it is used for the creator of our universe... Follow his words! You won't be lead astray!

These words of hope can save and change and dire helpless bud. Sadly too many of natures treasure have too quickly withered away...

The Black Rose did Blossom and bloom and reached it's leave out to the heaven's. Through it's growth it produce more life.

It became protection to those who were too weak, It became a symbol of true love, and became the proof that faith is a guide

Not all stories end so happily and glorious... that's why WE must spread out the message of hope like plants spread their seeds!

Before... like the strand of grass, we surrender to the ground... for everything has it's time to fade... Death is a need

The closeness of loyalty will stick by you, like the roots of a rose, it will be with you until your final days, and last breath

Good Bye... My sweet dew grass friend... The God of Creation has used you and you have completed your task... please... welcome your death!

You will finally gain your reward... For you have been used to pull me out of my darkest stage in life... and I thank our Creator for his provision!

But now that your gone... I too shall be used to awaken others from their dream, and bring them out from their stage... of depression...and fear...and *SIN
Praise the Lord that I have been forgiven...

Cat Lynn ///
February 3, 2018
  Jan 31 knight
Mitch Prax
You are a novel
gathering dust on my shelf
but not because I don’t want to read
but because I’m afraid
to turn the page,
afraid of how you’ll end
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