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rm Apr 1
the affirmation
that this
limerence fate
we should have had,

caused us great
surrender to
the despotic

and that
made us this
and this
is all we
first had.
rm Apr 1
beyond the desperate
twinkle in her eyes,
lies prestigious
gestures that
only he understands.

it's the way
irony wraps
itself, tight
in her arms,
then her hands,
her legs,
then her feet,
and one day
she found out,
she was covered
in a hoax
of adoration.

the crevice
behind the
face of trauma
lies a beam
of serendipity,
of love,
and of liberation.

it's funny
how moments
like this
collide like
atomic particles,
it makes us
feel heat,
and life.

and there
they were,
in complete
awe of such
and branded
in the cromulent
beautiful skies
of wonders
and of idyllic
rm Apr 1
the world
in between
hidden within

you were
like the stars
beneath the
blazing city lights,
too high, too low
too far, too close.

because you are
because i am,
we met and
beyond the crusade
of endless petrichor
there we sang
the hymn of long lost halves.
rm Jul 2021
The unseen picture of Christ lies beyond my own imagery
The Phantom of the Opera of everyone’s dreams
The sweet mother in labor of my infancy
And the righteous guide of my infamy

With him are the Angels of the heavens
The spiritual guardians who guards us twenty-four seven
The winged creature who dances along those dazzling seasonal winds
That covered my dreams with lights of dim

The spring that flower and fly, the rebirth of love
The summer that warmed my dream, the youth of love
The autumn that rained the picture with leaves, the adolescent of love
& the snowflakes that blacken my fantasy, the death of love

Those four seasons of love that crushed the idea of eternity
But with God, forever you live, soul in state of serenity
With the Angels and Christ, you’re free
of dreaming your own dreams and fantasies
rm Apr 2021
every answers
she ever
rm Jan 2021
can i say something
way beyond
what you
i was?

you said
"i love you"
on the 14th

you said
countless times,
nothing rhymes,
oh dear,
it's been made clear,
we've been circling
from hi's
then hey's,
now none?

what did i do
what did i say
what did i miss
what did i?

aren't you too...
rm Nov 2020
i tried,
feeling your
"i love you"

i tried,
making my heart
ache like the
falling skies.

i tried,
saying the
felicitous words
you told me each
from your earliest
on set of despair
towards my latest
and last regrets
of queries.

i tried saying:
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