Sep 23 · 238
One Day
There are rivers
In my veins
Eroding shore
That is my skin
Contained within
These lifeless eyes
And the smile
Painted Wide
Across my
Blotchy white
But I do hold
Hope inside
That one day,
There will be more
Than confinement
One day
There will be
More than this
Tell me
A world exists
In which
We can slit
Our wrists
And let our
Rainbows flow
Where we can
Wear ourselves
As masks
And not be afraid
To be dissected
Or overthrown
Where hate
Has lost its hold
By unconditional,
Boundless love
And acceptance
The new term
For a different social norm
Please tell me
That you can respect
All that I lack
That you can accept  
All that I am
Tell me
It’s okay
To hold these thoughts
Inside my head
That in the end
I can find,
Some peace of mind
And let these rivers
Run dry
And unhinged
Jul 25 · 305
I was born to burn
I was made to yearn
The light
And the warmth in eyes
The urge inside
To turn
The mind
Into this
Vacant space
Without the trace
Of waste
Of my fallen grace
Replaced my need
To embrace
The sky
I quit
Long before I try
Set aflame my life
To relish
This void of pride
Now all that’s left
Are the sides, afraid
Of the numb
That came
With the screaming
Of the silence
Jul 25 · 1.2k
I’ve always
Known my name
I’ve just forgotten
Who i am
From where I’ve come
What I want
Who I want to be
Once again

Straight, tall
Clean - hands
Clean slate
Clean thoughts
Warm veins
I let the cold in
To numb and ****
The pain
So I could embrace
The loss
And shoot away the win

So I did
I did
And I did depend
On the end
Being coloured
In golds and red
But here starring back
Is a dead
Painted in grey and black
The head takes note
The truth attacks
Halved the lack
Of the “I” now left
I’m so far away
From whole now
Just a fractioned piece
At best

I’m so far away
From home now
I’m nothing more
Than skin
I’m so far away
From hope now
I’m nothing more
Than the skin
I’m in
And living ****
A life over
One day at a time
One line
One pill down
One border built
At a time
The isolation
Is quietly killing my mind
And I
I am
Awaiting the ride
Sep 2017 · 320
Swan song
I hear the call
Feel the pull
I embrace the draw
And take the plunge

I fall
I was

I fall
Hate hate

It reigns


I am
Back to start
My Fractured heart
Too bitter now
To save
The self
The self
Was weak
And I want
Her out

Out out
It always goes
The hope
Is gone
Went up
The nose
Down the throat
These feeling flow
I swallowed whole
And I'll **** them out
I'll shut them out
I'll find the gold
I'll find that gold

I'll make my own

I'll even take a bow
As the curtains close
Splitting skin
The itch sinks in
Through the bones
Breathing slows
The drift begins
I disconnect
I lose my head
All gone to sky
I lose my soul
Lost all I know
Somewhere in the lows
Of high
Clouded eyes
The addictions
These pills
Are digging holes
Through stomach lining
The heart screams
Ever so softly
Even a metronome
Couldn't fix
It's off beat
I ask for help
But the devil
Just calls back
Using cc syringes
To sign his contract
My soul is
Beneath my feet
My heads up in the sky
Searching for
The lowest lows
Just to feel
The highest highs
And a high inside
I did find
Blinded by
Incandescent light
It bathed and cloaked
My entire world
Now numbed
And cold
But safe
And whole
I needed to drop
I needed to sink
Before I could
Ever reach peak
Potential is now
Past tense
Needle in hands
I signed
My own death
For one last taste
And one last breath
Of the only thing
That I have ever known
As love
Inside this flesh
The separation breathes
New awakenings
It starts through membrane
Molecules bind
Giving structure to shape
And new terms of being
The metamorphosis begins
And displaces
Self from skin
The ego drips
Flowing from pores
The body does rid
That which cages the heart
As things in mind
Release themselves
The soul unlocks
Egoless, fluid
Thoughts cascade
Down shades of self
And shadows of feeling
Spring from all things
Whoever is in the details
Whatever dark heaven flows
Through bridged hemispheres
The connection respires
New meaning
Encoding itself
Into this creature's
A human's refrain.
Collaboration by Mydriasis & Cunting-****-Face
Enjoy the trip :)

— The End —