Shoot. Loot. Shoot.
Loot and shoot.

It's like half past ten PM
While it's true I've never been
the bread winner
I still wake and bake at dawn

Although, I'm losing sleep
They can see a tired person
hurting from existing as an
addictive personality

Although I'm losing sleep,
I'm positive this is the first
time I've felt fulfilled
since the last time

Believe me, my instruments are mine
when i'm the instrument - ally
conditioned queen
Believe me, my work is justified
when all it is, is time ill spent
in the end

Shoot. Loot. Shoot.
Loot and shoot.

Look at the
roll in

Oh yes, oh
yes, oh
yes, oh

Blue, purple,
and gold,
my goal


Shoot. Loot. Shoot.
Loot and shoot.

Oh joy, oh
joy, oh
joy, oh

How come in the meaning I'm promised new?
When you're my sole believer, what can I do?
What can I do but shoot and loot
til I become your monument?
Yeah yeah yeah.
-- but I just got to 275!
There is nothing I could ever do.
I could never give enough
To even begin to repay.
I sense the weight of debt paid.

My love and dedication falls short of this
Abundant grace as all the efforts of a world
That gives out of selfishness.

I often live in denial of what I must repay
Though I never could repay.
But the inclination must be there.
I carry the weight of debt paid.

I have learned to acknowledge the debt
And accept that I was debtor
To a weight that would surely have crushed me.

I have learned to freely give back
Of what was freely given to me.
I live under the weight of debt paid.

--Daniel Irwin Tucker
There is a price to pay for every negative action and reaction. This debt can become insurmountable after a while. There is a love which pays this debt in full. But even though grace is unmerited favour, love is not a one way street--you can never be free of responsibility.
When you learn this, you will find that the weight of being forgiven or forgiving, is worlds lighter than this weight of the personal & universal human debt you once owed.  True freedom does not come cheap, but it is so worth it!
 Oct 2017 cunting-fuck-face
My mind is a graveyard.
There is buried
a thousand and one dreams,
one hundred friendships,
countless fantasies,
hidden beneath layers
worn smooth by the years,
marked by fading tombstones reading,

But in the night
comes a character,
cloaked in dark fabric
and protected by solitude,
to wake the dead from their slumber,
to reanimate even
the long deceased,
blood leaking
from reopened wounds.
With blade in hand
the figure marks each memory,
carves into flesh
(living and dead alike)
lines that read out the truth:
The craft brings fire
Flame burns the woods
The fault rest with you
The graves brings your end
©Ladyofravenhill 4/6/17
And I just want to take her with me
To all the little used-book shops around
(And there are many)
And all the little coffee shops and
Tea shops I tend to frequent on my own
Where I’ll smoke my cigarillos
And read her poetry while she sits there just being her
And I’ll write about her eyes
And the beauty of her mind
(In which depths I’d like to lose myself)
And the shine of her soul
And when she tires of sittin there
Letting me paint her with my words
We’ll set off to Joshua Tree, late at night
Where the stars are big and bright
And we’ll then make love under them
While they sit there and watch
like the total voyeuristic pervs they are.

M•(e). Díaz
I like to let myself sink sometimes
Just so I don't forget how to breath under water.

M•(e). Díaz
Death's coat looks real warm.

M•(e). Díaz
Te paseaste por mis jardines
Y todo murmuraba tu llegada
¿Qué si, acaso eras tú
a quien tanto esperaba?
De quien los astros habían anunciado
llegaría a hacer su hogar en mis aposentos

Toda flor y toda fauna murmuraba
Mientras yo te contemplaba
Temerosa, a escondidas, y a distancia

Alguna vez ya se le había permitido
A otro forastero intentar hacer hogar en ellos
Sin embargo, resultó ser villano usurpador
Y se marchó, cual ladrón cubierto por la oscuridad de la noche
haciendo ruinas de mis jardines

Toda flor y toda fauna murmuraba tu llegada
Mientras yo te contemplaba
Y con razón, temerosa,  a escondidas y a distancia

Pero cuidaste tú de mis jardines
Y con cariño les regabas
Y les alimentabas con tu amor
Y con palabras suaves les hablabas
Descubrí entonces que, en verdad
Sí eras tú a quien tanto esperaba
Te entregue entonces llave de mis aposentos
Para que, junto conmigo, hiciéramos hogar de ellos.

M•(e). Díaz
Hagamos un hogar en el firmamento, tú y yo.
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