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jia m Oct 23
Life is just the air we breathe;
A sigh in empty space.
Created by a single soul
To disperse and dissipate.
- jia m. <3
jia m Oct 22
to me, his smile was the best
it was the morning coffee;
i like to drink when i rest,

it was the sound of rain
that gave shivers down my spine.
and only his smile,
could tell me everything is fine.

his smile i used to think at night,
what should i do without you my love?
your smile is the inspiration i write,
a gift that was sent from the above
- jia m. <3
jia m Oct 22
They told me to paint a star,
and so I painted you.
I painted all your tears and scars,
with all your different hues.

Your eyes so blue,
I paint them too,
your smile is a firework’s spark.
I paint your lips and all your laughs;
you’re the light in my world so dark.

And then I saw your canvas,
so devoid of tint or shade,
But I continued painting
all the memories we’ve made.

After painting,
I looked up to find a picture,
not like other’s,
I dropped my paint and brush
to find you painted a sweet lover.

I burned the paintings
that I made along with memories,
For now, I know instead of painting,
I should’ve made you see,
That I could fill your empty canvas-
be your only star,
But I only painted
memories of you and me afar.
[ctto] i love this one too, i have no idea who wrote it. If you know, might as well tell me in the comments? so i could properly credit the writer.
jia m Oct 22
for her
the ocean
was more than a dream,
it was a place
she needed to visit
to find herself.

and when she returned
to the city,
you could see
the sun in her eyes,
the wind in her hair,
and the taste of infinite salt in her lips.
poem by jose chaves, one of my favorites.
jia m Oct 22
i have a lot of friends,
they make me laugh and cry,
but why do i still feel alone?
i want to find out why.
- jia m. <3
jia m Oct 20
I gave you a lot,
you took it for granted.
I gave you my heart;
you left it so damaged.

I gave you my love,
that you couldn't manage.
you left and then broke me,
as you then start to vanish
this was lyrics from a song i made into poetry hehe
jia m Oct 19
"why are you hiding your sadness?" he asks.
"well, everybody has a scar somewhere." i replied.
- jia m. <3
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