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 Jun 2016 Harrison W
Within the centre of your being
May you find peace
Every act of unconditional love
Echoes in eternity
Spread your wings and dance
Dreams into reality
If your situation  won't change
Then change yourself
The optimist is often as wrong
As the pessimist
But he is far far happier
Choose happiness
 Dec 2015 Harrison W
Sara Jones
Day 1: I want to tear my skin off. My heart is beating so fast i can barley breathe. I feel so filthy.
Day 2: I can't believe this. I don't want to be here. Why did this happen? Why did I let this happen?
Day 5: I guess I drank too much and my friends were to drunk to stop me.
Day 10: I can't face my friends, I can't live my life.
Week 3: No one knows. He hasn't said a word.
Week 6: It happened again, I was sleeping and he did it again. Why did I stay the night? Why didn't I go straight home?
Week 7: He left and kissed me goodbye. I don't know how to feel.
Week 10: My life's out of control, I can't believe whats happening.
Month 5: My boyfriend knows. But not all details. Just thinking about it, makes me want to take a shower.
Month 8: I finally came clean to my friends. They're appalled. They hate him now. I still feel filthy. I can't get his smell off my body still.
Month 11: The anniversary is soon. What am I going to do?
Year 1: I haven't spoken to him in months. I haven't thought about it in days. I still feel as if hes on top of me, why can't I wash him away?

Its an uphill battle with myself and others. Some days I can't get out of bed or even feel like breathing.
But I try not to let him get to me. Because if he sees my weakness from what hes done,
He's won.
 Dec 2015 Harrison W
The Willow
My dandelion boy has left, Mom.
What do I do?
My blonde boy left bruises on my ribs, Mom.
Can you see them, too?

My home is broken, Mom.
I planted flowers around his feet
and hung stars on his lashes
to make me feel more cosy.

The back of his neck smelled like the color gold, Mom.
It smelled like a home I was unfamiliar with.
But I studied hard.
I sounded out the vowels of families with my lips along his.

I thought I had found a home, mom. Because ever since you
I have been looking

 Dec 2015 Harrison W
The Willow
God gave me Mother
Mother gave me God

Mother took a day trip from God
She hasn't been back since.

I haven't seen her since.
 Dec 2015 Harrison W
The Willow
I am in control
I am in control
I have my life
I have my soul

My hands are strong
I know, I am sure
My opinions are fact
And I have no fear

I know what I'm doing
There's no doubt in my mind
I'm not allowed to feel pain
Only to love and be kind.

I am in control
I am in control
I am sure of my choices
I am sure of my goal

Because if I'm not in control

I am nothing.
To these Babylonians
Oh father, and I am a child of Abraham
Daughter of salt and desert
Daughter of the sun blazed beige dream mountains
Who roll together like sleeping dinosaurs
In the archives of my memory.

To these Babylonians
And I have withheld from them my true name
For their tongues are not fit to pronounce it
Written in black stardust across my ankle
Branded like the wandering sheep
In the blue hills drowning in yellow gnats and cloud.

My father taught me how to survive
By the seaside the shore was covered in
Transparent jellyfish and dark ocean weeds
Abraham inhaling foamy salt waves
Preaching black oil, blood and fire

Preaching this, Babylonia
When foreign lands resemble home
When homes revert to foreign land.
When earth and sky and water do not remember you
When you do not remember them
Singing still in the salty undertow
Treble clefs caked in the cracks of my bones
Barefoot fire altar, sticky sunbeam fractures
Progeny of Abraham
Singing sacrifice
Stolen seconds folding themselves into eternity.

To these Babylonians
And I am a child of Isaac
Violin strings shouting with the river
Jacob whispered all rivers and all rivers
Flow to Rome
And all salt water tastes of home
Find me in the poison current of the obsidian ocean
Jellyfish seaweed and petroleum-slurred sands
My father Abraham sang many songs.
By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept
    when we remembered Zion.
There on the poplars
    we hung our harps,
for there our captors asked us for songs,
    our tormentors demanded songs of joy;
    they said, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!”
How can we sing the songs of the Lord
    while in a foreign land?
Psalm 137: 1-4
 Dec 2015 Harrison W
 Dec 2015 Harrison W
skin slips off of bone,
the slow dripping of
the very essence of life
leaving me, an endless
moment after moments
that sped by quicker
than my vision could capture

i want to know why
everything is painful now,
why i've forgotten
how to care for my bones
that ache like they have
had enough moving
for sixty lifetimes

it may be spring, and i
may be a chicken, but
connecting the two seems

staring in the mirror i
dive into dark circular
pools and vow to leave
my vices on the crayon-
colored table in our
living room

i am so used to being
saved, but now i wear
the thorny crown befitting
the savior, and the
blood that trickles down
my lips tastes like warm,
sad failure
 Apr 2014 Harrison W
Rhea Berry
Sweet, kind, bubbly
These are words I’ve heard to describe me
But I always blush when they come

I say it’s because I’m shy
And I’m not used to hearing them
But, to be honest,
It’s because I know they aren’t true

I always say thanks
And try to brush them off,
But it still hurts to know
That they’re believing lies

I’m a mess
And I always will be
One wrong move away from breaking
Yet people still stay

I do everything I can
To swiftly pull away
Leave before I can find hope that something will last

Because happy things don’t stay for me
And people always leave
They stay until I think I’m safe
Then watch me cry alone

I hate the way I feel,
Like I can never see the sun
It’s a heavy crushing feeling
To not be good enough for anyone

I want to close my eyes
And just give up the fight
But the shred of hope that lingers
Forces me to stay alive

I hate that hope,
It keeps me from being at peace
I know that I don’t deserve love
So why won’t it let me be?
I can try all I want
To be good for you
To be what you want
To be what you’d love

But I can’t
I can’t be what you want because it’s impossible
I’m too disgusting
Too broken
Too fat
Too lost

You’d never be happy with me
You just don’t see that
You think you want me
You’re deceiving yourself

That’s why I’m leaving
Not even taking a chance
I want to be safe
I don’t want another piece of my heart to disappear when you leave

Which you will,
It’s inevitable
Don’t tell me it’s not
You’re beautiful sweet and kind
I’m just a mess

Leave me alone
To drown in my hate
Because if you try and stay
I just might completely break

I’m standing at the edge,
Contemplating life’s miseries
And I realize,
All of this stems from a single misplaced compliment
 Mar 2014 Harrison W
Boys don't like girls like me

Boys don't like girls
With frizzy hair
And red velvet tongues

Boys don't like girls
Who wear heavy boots
And leather jackets a size too big
With pins pushed through the fabric
Declaring their beliefs
Like picket signs

Boys don't like girls
With outie belly buttons

Boys don't like girls
Who shop in the men's section
At thrift stores

Boys don't like girls
Who shut themselves in ivory towers
And refuse to let down their hair
Because they're too afraid

Boys don't like girls
Who talk to plants

Boys don't like girls
Who pick the pickles off
Of their cheeseburger because
They believe its the best part
And you always save the best for last

Boys don't like girls
Who carry trauma on their backs like boulders

Boys don't like girls
Who don't know how to kiss
Without leaving
Blood stains on your lips

Boys don't like girls
Who write love poems for themselves

Who practice archery and witchcraft
Because it makes them feel stronger

Who dance in their kitchen
To the music of popping popcorn

Who shy away from touch
Because to them it feels like acid

Who have stretch marks and cellulite

Who'd rather stay at home with the dog
Than go to that party

Who have ice in their soul

Boys don't like girls like me
And I'm trying to be ok with that
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