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Harrison W Dec 2015
We runnin' round like little chicks
Ready for a'slaughterin'
Farmer Gov comes out
Feeds us all little pells'

Buckah buckah we all crien' out
Farmer Gov scratches and plucks our feathas
One by one by one
Then throws us out and feeds pells' again

Eventually Farmer Gov a'slaughterin' us
He line us all up
An' sleets the throats with hees shaaarp knife
An' we jus' watch along as our other chicks *** cut until we a'panick when it's our turn
Harrison W Dec 2015
****** drunk as hell walking into
That common ******* office
Where you stand there rubbing money along your ****
And asking me to get down on my knees and smell it

You ask me that one more time I'm sure to do
Then I'll bite that ******* **** of yours
And watch that bleed over your ******* money
Grab the foul paper and shove it up your **** and watch it shred to millions of pieces

For shame
Not even your money could live inside you.
Harrison W Dec 2015
Keep looking and figuring out days in the sun
Life is in front
Yet one retreats
Question: Is the nature of Man unsatisfied with the life he lives?

Perhaps its escape
Away from the apparatus that the world has inflicted
Yet the retreat is futile for one will always get pulled back in
Question: When Man gets immediately pulled away from the fictional realization of his desires, is he satisfied with what He has in front of him?

No desire is ever satisfied
Desire is made up through dreams
It's these dreams make one hate reality
Question: Are the dreams that Man create are what poison them?

Precisely what causes the hurt
Precisely what causes the prolonged
Precisely what causes the boredom
"Dreams only have one owner at a time.  That's why dreamers are lonely." -Erma Bombeck
Harrison W Dec 2015
The heart of the lamb cries out
The locusts crawl from beneath the Earth
Chop off the head of the ram boy
The plagues are here and sacrifice is in order

The dead will rise again
And will be swiftly devoured by lions
But the lions will get poisoned and die
The plagues are here and sacrifice is in order

The men, women and children will run
But there will be no opportunity to hide
For this time no one shall be spared
The plagues are here and sacrifice is in order

For it is too late, blood must be spilled
The Earth shall be decorated in pagan colors
Wine will turn to the blood of the disease and they will cry for mercy
The plagues are here and sacrifice is in order
Harrison W Dec 2015
It's coming
I can feel it
Crawling through my skin
Flowing through my toes
Up my legs
Caressing my genitals

Cold, so cold
It's in my chest
Inflaming it
I need to cough but I can't
It has reached my head
It has finally reached me and I'm gagging

Every part of my life
Was built toward this very moment
Here I am now
At the pinnacle
It's terrifying
Yet I'm ready to release

It needs no name
There is no question
I'm as stiffer than a board
Ready to be taken
Harrison W Oct 2015
Life adds up quickly and goes by far too fast.  It's rather difficult deciding what directions need to be taken in order to succeed.  
I think what most of us fear though is having a fear of not succeeding in our endeavors.  Whether our endeavors are love, achievements or lifestyle based.

Personally, for myself, I am a marketer.  I research and relate to the consumer (which is all of you) and I do that so that can understand you better in order to correctly sell you a product or service or perhaps an idea.  

I get asked quite often from other people that are not in my field about the field of advertising.  First off, I am insulted that people are so ignorant that they believe that advertising is the only form of marketing communications that are out there.  There are so many other facets to the marketing mix.  Remember folks, promotion is only one of the 4 Ps.  There's also price, place and product and I think we can all agree that those play a major role and could take a lot of time to come up with.

Don't get me wrong, I like people.  In fact, I often like to refer to myself as a man of the people.  I work hard, I mentor students, run an organization and am helping with other groups in order to start another one, life is pretty great in general, so I am not simply ******* about how people are stupid.  I am ******* mostly about how people keep asking me if what I do and how hard I work is worth it.

What kind of question is that?  Of course it is!  I get to wake up every morning with always having something to do.  Every day I get to look nice and I get to go out to the world and convince people that marketing is good for them.  Trust me folks, that's a rather difficult thing to do but can also be easy.  Let's remember, no matter how you look at it, marketing is the pure dominates your entire lifestyle.  

Let's just say you are like Thoreau.  I'm sure many of you on here know who that guy was.  Well, as soon as he penned his transcendental poetic memoirs he was doing a form of marketing that marketed his lifestyle.  Let's say you present yourself to a friend, the presentation alone is a type of marketing because you are marketing yourself to your friend.

You see folks, people have marketing all wrong, and that is highly shown by the consumer's extra emphasis on advertising.  Most people think that marketing is a form of brainwashing.  It isn't.  Marketing in fact is all about the attempt to create value for consumers.  Brainwashing would be against our best interest because marketing is meant to also inform consumers, if all the customers in the world were programmed to like certain things then we would be out of the job.  The only brainwashing that is happening is your own minds giving in to a stimuli that just isn't that powerful when you step back and pay attention to everything.  

All marketing is about is simply harnessing what all of you communicate to one another an project it onto a medium, whether it is a speaker, poster, promotion or perhaps even a new product.  Which brings me back to my first point about succeeding in our endeavors.  Our endeavors are all valid but all of them are just you asking this: how am I going to be perceived in the world and to other people and myself?  As long as you have someone to impress or a motivation then you are a part of marketing.

In regards to what I do and my values, here they are: I am looking out for the little guy, the consumers that need to be more informed about the products and services and ideas available to them in order to enhance their lives, whether it is physical or emotional.  I enjoy it, and I wouldn't do any other thing with my life.
Harrison W Jun 2015
When I wake up in the morning
Peaceful waves of blue is all I see
Glistening, inviting me to jump in and sink deeply

The idea of sinking can imply drowning
But the feeling I seek to convey is a baptism
Sinking me down into the bluest abyss
Until the feeling lets me rise up as a stronger
Spiritually renewed man

Content with the feeling I watch your eyes
Sinking me down and pulling me up again and again
Continually making me more and more renewed
Always, every day, making me strong than I have been.
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