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Harrison W Apr 2020
Before the debutante’s
sister got into the car crash
with the drunk, wrong way driver
metal crunching
tires screeching
wet slippery highway
her dazey thoughts were
gray clouds
cool, prickly skin
Harrison W Apr 2020
Smoke it up cool cat
Lie back in the chair
Light a cig and breathe-
In the warm tobacco-
Taste flavors of tar, menthol-
And happiness
Feel nicotine travel
Through the branches-
Of veins
Watch the opaque smoke
Dwindle in front-
Dip head forward-
Get that scent in-
Eau de cig

Coffee finally arrives
Put out the cig
Ground plant into-
Burning ashes-
Pinch the cig-
Pour in cream-
Stir with cig-
Gettin’ the crusty-
Embers into the-
Golden nectar-
Of the gods-
Around around it goes
Drink it up
Is the rough gravel-
On your tongue-
Ground coffee or ash?
Harrison W Apr 2020
In Quarantine We Trust
There will be annihilation
In Quarantine We Trust
It will end in jubilation

In Quarantine We Trust
An awakening of the soul
In Quarantine We Trust
Dirt for this empty hole

In Quarantine We Trust
Compassion for the spiteful
In Quarantine We Trust
Humility for the prideful

In Quarantine We Trust
That there will be healing
In Quarantine We Trust
For the tears of families kneeling

In Quarantine We Trust
First Procedural Sense
In Quarantine We Trust
Next Misplaced Reverence

In Quarantine We Trust
Dominion of material
In Quarantine We Trust
Elimination of ethereal

In Quarantine We Trust
There will not be new beginning
In Quarantine We Trust
The world will keep on sinning

In Quarantine We Trust
Unattainable height
In Quarantine We Trust
Fingertips missing Light

In Quarantine We Trust
The Essence will be rust
In Quarantine We Trust
Until we change our Trust
Harrison W May 2018
A joy
A moment
The pinnacle has been reached

A fall
A lifetime
The plane was weak and the rocks slid

Is the body
Its physical humanity forever lost

Is the mind
Its newfound knowledge laced in poison

Is the innocence
Its end caused by unimaginable cruelty
Harrison W Oct 2016
It isn't that you are technically apart of me
It's that I feel you are technically apart of me
It isn't that you are a limb to me
It's that you feel like a limb to me

It isn't that you are perfect for me
It's that I feel you are perfect for me
It isn't that I need you to live
It's that I feel like I'd die without you
Harrison W Jul 2016
I'm not really sure how to go about this
For the most part I'm too shy to break ice
Too despondent at times to maintain friends
Unfortunately I **** at expanding my inner circle at a time when
I need someone to talk to.

People go out there and do it like it's easy
And I don't get that
It isn't that I hate people
It's just that sometimes I have a hard time getting up every day and doing that
And that's something I don't understand sometimes
How can people do that?
Message or comment with thoughts.
Harrison W Jun 2016
Easy answer to a simple problem
Raise my hands and scratch the **** thing
But then again, why should I have to?
Why must I immediately raise my hands to scratch my itchy nose?

Is it because the itch is caused by a parasitic alien?
Hellbent in destroying my body by tickling my prickly nose hairs?
And thus if I scratch my nose I would rid myself of said parasite?
No no no, the idea of such a thing is of the utmost absurdity

The most logical answer is that I must rid myself of discomfort
Discomfort: Quite a word indeed to one that lives well
Where I can sit comfortably on a couch in an air conditioned house
And I can still find something that causes discomfort

Perhaps after I rid myself of this infernal discomfort
I shall go to the kitchen and make myself a lovely roast
With some scallion potatoes on the side with green beans
And then rub uncomfortably on the chair because my ******* itches
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