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 Jan 2015 huwriting
camera obscura
 Jan 2015 huwriting
light travels in straight lines

but truth often gets inverted

when worded through the pin-

holed window of closed minds

and blinds us with distracting

theories refracting on white walls

in a world of royals and riyals

and unnamed dark chambers.
r ~ 1/12/15
 Jan 2015 huwriting
Crushing Love
I just have a few words for you.

You hurt her
I hurt you.

You make her cry
I break your face.

You break her Heart
I will fight until the ends of the earth to get to you
and then I will bring you to her put you on your knees
Apologize for every tear you made her cry, every part of her body you might have touched.

For every time she forgave you, for every second she spent on you
For every time you made her think you were the one.

Then I will take you to meat shop cover you in meat and throw you in a dog pound.

Then I will comfort her and take her to get ice cream and make her feel like the Amazing girl she is.

No if, ands, or but's about it.
I mean it!
Creep you are my little sister and I mean every word of this.
*Pulls you from Kiyuki, looks him over and puts you back in his arms*
He's seems okay to me, but I mean it.
 Jan 2015 huwriting
devante moore
When the day comes kiss your kids goodbye
Pack up your things with your heads held high
And try not to cry
Cause we got to be strong
Put on a tough face an promise your love ones your coming back home
Cause it'll be us on the front lines
Us who will be the first to hear the bullets fly
And the rockets and tanks
Out here where just a number
Same thing back home
If you think they care our lives on the line
Your horribly wrong an a lil naive
It's us who will be in the trenches fighting for their lives
Because their to priceless to fight an die
They have to many things to loose
They have a lot to prove
But so do we too
Some of us are fighting for the promise of a big financial break
To put food on our babies plate
To stop the bank from taking
Maybe they will train us
And give us a way to survive
Or maybe it's a way to get rid of us
To deplete or population
We outweigh them
But still there on top
They control the flow of money
While our wells run dry
So when that day comes
It's us who's on the front lines
Trying to provide for the ones we love back home
And it's not like we have a choice
We are the ones picked first
But we don't back down
Be ready
When the rich wage war it's the poor who die
 Jan 2015 huwriting
Sarah Spang
Reminiscent in my face
I see Eurydice
Trapped behind in shadows while
My Orpheus walks on free

Free to dwell in Sunlight
From whence his form found shape
Hewn from gold, from earth and dust
Spun from flaxen rays.

Just up above, just out of reach
From splayed out fingertips
That leak of shadow, wreak of dark
That find no grasping grip.
 Jan 2015 huwriting
You're my best-kept secret,
my one-time fling.
The only source of this heartbreak,
yet - still -

Your absence is suffocating,
the last droplets of your name escape my lungs.
Don't worry, darling;

*I'll be gone when the morning comes.
 Jan 2015 huwriting
 Jan 2015 huwriting
I will forget how you sound.
I will forget how you formed words between your lips.
I will forget how bright my days were when you smiled at me and how dark my hours were when you smothered me with pain and regret.
I will forget how you called my name.
I will forget how warm your body was pressed against mine.
I will forget how cold it was the day you left and how time seemed to freeze at that moment.
I will forget the dark days. I will forget how your lips tasted.
I will forget the future I mapped out for us.

One Day.
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