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huwriting Aug 2014
Remind me of us,
Remind me of love,
Remind me of me

- H.U.
Fragment of an earlier post
huwriting Aug 2014
Where your darkness meets mine and
there is no crack in the walls to let in any light,
Where the night is everpresent
and the sun fails to rise,
Where the flowers are scared to bloom
and the birds have no flight,
Where the seasons never change
and it is winter all the time.
Where the colors are not familiar
and all is black and white.
Come find me
I’ll  be waiting with this battered heart in my hand and
a tattered soul longing for your repair.
Come find me,
give it a try..

- H.U.
huwriting Aug 2014
I wish I could undo the pain,
turn all your nights into days
say the things you want me to say
be yours, remind you my name.
I know I gotta make it right, baby,
show you we will survive
you and I together,
fighting this fight of lust and lies.

But tonight I'll pave the way to your
heart, drowning in liquid heaven
we'll go back to the start.
Tonight, let's fall in love
fall apart and do it all over again.

- H.U.
huwriting Aug 2014
Tonight I'll let my love flow like an ocean
meeting your sky, halfway
on the horizon
as we bask in the illumination
of the full moon,
where you spin your words together
in the stars,
giving birth to a sweet lullaby
that makes falling asleep feel
like being closer to heaven.

- H.U.
Wrote this for a collaboration with someone
huwriting Aug 2014
And his smile; his smile was
the prayer I memorized every
verse of.
It was as if it was put there by
the Angels, making a non-believer
like me believe in the existence of

- H.U.
  Aug 2014 huwriting
We've become a
civilization of diseases
we build
thinking death won't ever find
us here.

Our minds are scrambled
our bodies are damaged
our food is poisoned
our skies are toxic
our vices
are forces of processes
beyond our

When we are not humbled
by nature's power
we inflict our wounds
upon ourselves in
the names of greed
and self protection
and no one knows
what it really means.

Fearful of the silence
we fill our skies with
endless noise
babbling on in endless
monotones, droning
while traffic stalls
at a hot stand still
idling engines
idling souls
depletion of every last glimpse
of the past.
Jam packed
in the stench
I am lost today
this vitriol
as anxiety, death and desperation
from every corner
screams my name.

That's why I came
to these woods
where the illusion of
peace remains
wild fires burn
just down the lane
as you know
as you say
its always been this way
when bodies hung
at every cross-roads
hunger, power, ignorance
and strength
all ran
the show.

I'm sick with
every disease I

I float upon these tranquil
blue waters
we are reminded of the peace we all
really can know.
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