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hurtlovebug91 Dec 2020
my heart flutters with fire.
my cheeks the color of the blood running through my veins
my eyes light up like the moon in the night sky
my tummy doing somersaults  with butterflies
my hands run through my hair with excitement and nervousness to not scare u a way
hurtlovebug91 Sep 2020
"It will happen one day you just have to work for it "
I'm feeling much better lately.
hurtlovebug91 May 2020
Water roaring
going to fast to see in
the deep prussian blue water

only seeing
water flying in the air
in tufts blue they land on the raft

looking for something to grab
to stop us, only one thing to grab
the color of the bush jumps out the rose taupe staring

branch breaking
falling backwards not stopping
landing on the bow of the antique ruby boat
hurtlovebug91 May 2020
Lost in my mind
Lost in my thoughts
Lost in my heart

My mind is a Labyrinth
My thoughts all thrown in a jumble
My heart doesn’t know how to feel

Labyrinth walking only to get lost
Jumbled trying to sort it but only getting lost
Feeling of confused and lost

Lost in my mind
Lost in my thoughts
Lost in my heart
hurtlovebug91 May 2020
This I wear
As a widow wears her ring
To never take it off
Never ready to let go

Only Being able to forget for a moment
Living with regret
Living with remorse
Never to fully recover

I wear you to show my love
I will never take you off
I wear you as a widow wears her ring
I wear you my Bracelet
hurtlovebug91 May 2020
Im sorry my little dude

Im sorry you were so young

Im sorry you were pulled in

im sorry i couldnt save you

Im sorry i failed you

Im sorry they got to you

Im sorry they turned you against me

Im sorry DHS couldnt help you

Im sorry they forced you to hate me

Im sorry they Never will stop

But I will NEVER be sorry

That you were my best friend

That you were my only friend; and i yours

That i fell for your family

I am sorry nothing will ever be the same

Please always be the strong little dude i know you to be
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