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King Jun 2020
outside the plantation
there is no black and white

only good and bad
King Aug 2019
You promised a new world
a new place to start over
instead you left me in this abyss
where each night's
a lot colder
King Aug 2019
being good
isn't about
acting kind.
King Jun 2019
The day,
they let murderers live.
But let mothers ****
before they reach the crib.
The moment a man,
can marry another man.
And parents tell,
there's no difference
between a daughter and a son.

A step back

A huge step back
of civilization
When people chose
immoral happiness
over logical reason.
King May 2019
A woodland that started,
from a single seed.
The ability to endure,
even if it bleeds.
King Dec 2018
As colors explode
on the pitch dark sky
Lights began crawling
in my gazing eyes
Like how fast it goes
a year was gone
Bracing myself
a new chapter has come.
King Dec 2018
A world without borders
is a fantasy land.
Wake up, set aside emotion
before everything's gone.
Evil is deceitful
it feeds on the clueless.
Disguised with love
that's called "political correctness".
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