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love jargon, i need translated
foreign language unknown to me
it's emphasis intimidating to the core
specialist terms applied to feelings
words to accompany emotions
what kind of madness is that?
sentences containing expressions
of declaring love for one another
i will have no part of it
refrain from mixing our foul words
with eternal passion and desire
those things are sacred, do not taint them
The crimson fire licks the night air
It flickers and whips out in excitement
Spitting out crackles of flame
Cradled in its fiery embrace is her
Engulfed in a pool of bloodshot blaze
It captivates my gaze as I watch intently
A picture of the girl burns violently
It fades into a black scar
Yet the memory will never burn
Burnt out stump left to die
In the forest I stand alone
If I had a voice I would cry
If I felt pain I would groan
Yet I am just a tree to you
You cut me down for your view
I’ll never see you again
The thought tears at me
Uncontrollable pain swells
My head is throbbing
Your face fades from my thoughts
Fading slowly
A dagger plunging to my chest
Slowly ripping into my skin
Soon you will be a distant memory
That’s what’s ******* killing me
A singular pinpointed source of my happiness exists
Located past the arterial veins of a twisted jungle
Corrupted like the crevices of my polluted brain
It is there, hidden in the dark shroud provided by this dark forest,
A part of me secluded to most but open to few
Open to you
A box filled with my desires which defines me
What you do with this chest is your choice
The free will of this location determines that
Destroy or love it
The decision is yours to make
It’s inevitable but I accept my fate
I welcome this judgement with a pitiful bow
Our hands joined
Connected palm to palm
Fingers weaving in and out
Like two serpents we exchanged skin
She bit my neck
Her fangs plunging lovingly
Into my soft scales,
Our beating hearts connecting
I felt like one with her
Now I'll never see her again
How can I be thrown into the vast seas?
These limitless waters of freedom
No-one taught me to swim in these unknown waters
You expect me to teach myself

You guided me here to my doom
To days, weeks, months of confusion
You taught me to be aware of this barren land
Never to survive in it

Now I stand alone
Starving and on my own
The powerful sun watches me
As I start to wither and fade away
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