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Hugo A Jul 2013
Deep craters
Hollow barks
Dark nights
In my soul
Under my skin
The distance and the silence
Of this room and its four walls
My empty thoughts and its dry tears
Cannot express
Visions of flying with no wings
Creatures crawling toward me
Wishing a return to the womb
Instead of this
Instead of now
Loneliness does not describe
The deep truth
Not a mystery
Nor a riddle
Just the truth
Of being all alone
Hugo A Oct 2012
Living each day
Looking around
Trying to understand
What is in sight
Life was once clear
My surroundings made sense
Everything had a meaning
And a place
The weather was always pleasant
Close friends in abundance
But today just distance
No more welcomes with open arms
Look at others through faded windows
Gloomy weather, no real friends
Acquaintances at best
Strange rules govern all
Everyone seems to know
How life is supposed to be
Just transplanted
A foreigner
In a foreign land
Hugo A Oct 2012
Cold winds blow bare the trees
Their leaves have dropped
Sad and lonely, unfed
No fruit or seed remains
The grass has yellowed
Preserved under frost
Grey clouds hang below a blue moon
The snow weighs down
As this winter moves in
Gone the warm sun
And my hope too
Hugo A Oct 2012
You left
Not a word, not a sign
Yes, it was brief
Of course, it did not cover
Life's changing events
But we said that word
The word of connection
Of a future of sharing
Not the surface
Like so many others
But of visions of hope
A mistake is so costly
All it takes is a phrase
To end in a breeze
What started just as quick
Can we be friends again?
I guess no more
Hugo A Oct 2012
Tragedy strikes
The weak it does not spare
Lightning is its speed
and crippling is its pain
Ooze as a symbol
Of despair in the flesh
Express hollow feelings
After it has all past
Missing the moment
We wish to forget
A forrest of new memories
Fresh with each day
That grow attemting to hide
The campfire left behind
With crackling in the heart
And ashes in the mind
Too many silent prayers
Lay down on fallow lands
As tragedy strikes again
Crumbling are the knees
That once kept the height
Of the strong and the weak
Tears are too late, and too brief
Fear in the eyes
Of what lies ahead
Paralyzed is the soul
Life in slow motion
As tragedy strikes again
And the heart stands still
Wishing to just stop
To let go a last breath
But wishes are for others
Who carry different paths
Why is the question
Silence is the answer
A blank stare in the darkness
Will it strike again?
Will the excruciating pain return?
Is this the next time?
Or maybe tomorrow
The agony of this fear
Will now stay and not go
Hugo A Oct 2012
Plant me like a seed
That will blossom overnight
Water me in the dark
And I will flower in the dusk
Take away these weeds
That crowd my tender roots
Let me grow without thorns
Or shells that wrap my spine
Help me reach up high
To a sky free of clouds
I shall be grateful to all
Who cared for me each day
Gardeners of love
Selfless with passion
And when the winds blow strong
I shall let go my fragile pollen
Into streams of new hello's
To meet grounds with the welcome
Of old friends who have returned
To the times of childhood's past
And never felt a day go bye
Without thinking of each other
I shall see it reach above
It's wild roots of youth and candor
Stretch its branches awaiting an embrace
Of its parents left behind
In the distance I will watch
As its trunk becomes wider
With the wisdom of the years
And its pollen sets for sail
Among new seas of floating feathers
To blossom one more time
As others did before it
While we age, my ground and I
And hold our grip ever stronger
Until we reach our last day
Of this our great journey
Having seen so many go
And join with other soil
To age just like us
Knowing well that all good deeds
Have been accomplished
Hugo A Oct 2012
Let me be positive
It seems like the first time
But, I am still thinking negative
And cannot focus well
I stand at the brink
Of hope and defeat
The crossroad
Of wishes and sorrow
Just one step stands between
A future of yesterdays
Or a past of tomorrows
I stand here, I sit here
I lie here now
Fearful of this one step
Of possibles
I try to find the strength
Of a cub become lion
The courage
Of a mother in fear
Just to move one finger
That will point towards the way
I rise one more time
And take a first step
With fear in my heart
But positive that this choice
Is movement after all

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