Hughes 3d

i used to believe in unicorns
and pots of gold at the end of rainbows
and mermaids falling in love with mermen
but days of dancing in the rain
and making wishes on dandelions
were stolen from me by so many broken hearts
        and stolen dreams
sunsets were merely the horizon swallowing the sun
the veil of magic ripped from the corners of my mind
and all that i had left was an empty heart
and eyes that could only cry.

but then you!
you with the moon beams at your command
and the stars that beckoned me from your eyes
you  sought me out from the furthest star
recognizing me by the stardust that laced my soul
        from that same distant star
you struck the fire that burned away all the lies
showing me that dreams can be real,
that magic can still be made
as you filled my empty hollow heart with your love
and you let me cry when i needed to cry
and let me be brave for you
when you needed me to slay your dragons
and with kindness and patience
you taught me what love, true love, can be
between two people who have recognized that the
fullness of their time for love was upon them

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Hughes 4d

she seeks the depths
of my cool dark forest
to settle safe within
my thick strong limbs,
nestle in the hollows
of my swarthy trunk,
resting in the soft moss
of my sturdy roots --

she hears the lullaby
that whispers from
my nearby stream
from which she may
quench her heated thirst
with its cool clear waters.

and when she rises to go,
she knows her place
is always assured here
deep within the depths
of my cool dark forest.

Hughes 4d

Testament 1
she has flavors,
sweetly scented flavors,
yet to be discovered.
and she has chosen me
to be the one
who explores her
like a pioneer of love,
to seek them all out
and to savor them, every one.

Testament 2
soft fingers gently palpate the span of my heart
searching the soft, pliable tissue as she seeks
the tough cords of scars that sharply bind me
where she tenderly teases the gray fibers apart
and weaves the smooth threads of her affection
creating a lovely tapestry of her wondrous love
a velvety loving testament of her undying devotion
then seals the holy stitches with her sacred kiss

Testament 3
she gathers my raw nectar
distilling the dark amber
into a smooth liqueur
of exquisite poetry
that would intoxicate
the most casual reader.  
but to this man,
i can recognize so well
the developing bouquet,
the nuances of flavors
that are carried in the
full body of its savor.  
her intoxication oozes
from the fissures of my mind
and drips languidly
to seduce my grateful heart.
she is a wonder, my love.
and i shall hold her
ever close to my heart.

Hughes 4d

i am in love with an exceptional heart
and i so adore her in exceeding ways
how we can ride above life’s barrage
bouyed on the strength of our love

away my heart flies to her when we’re apart
she holds my thoughts ransom until we meet
she is the rain to my wet, and i am drenched
in her heart’s deluge, soaking me to the bone

words cling loosely to these wondrous emotions
as i try to relate the melodies sung in my heart
is this the something much more than mere love
that mere mortal words are denied from saying

my heart is abducted and my words along with it
my roots bedded deep in the richness of our love
but all my leaves are blown away in her hurricane
i am struck dumb, silenced in a vocabulary futile

Hughes 6d

we are riding the rails of our ineffable love
rumbling across the landscape of our passion

fast and smooth over the prairies and plateaus
leaning into the gentle curves at full speed

slow and deliberate along sheer mountain cliffs
reaming the rims and the ridges of deep chasms

thundering along tunnels deep, dark and narrow
filling the surrounding rock with resounding echoes

blazing across bridge and trestle spans so high
the exhilaration so damned intense and undeniable

feeling the soft rise and fall of knolls and hills
the thrum of rhythms tempoed my mother nature

we are riding the rails of our ineffable love
rumbling across the landscape of our passion

Hughes 7d

the warming friction,
the rising scent
her naked silk
upon his velvet --
their eyes aflame
with fiery passions
burn away all
their inhibitions
making them  
want to devour
but, instead,
they slowly savor

Hughes 7d

together we build
a temple of love
only to burn it all down
into smoldering ash
in the heat of our passion
but then rebuild it again
gloriously on the morrow
to await the coming night

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