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huda Jul 2018
we are all items at a supermarket
labeled in a way to tell
who’s more valuable than the rest
short version of a piece i'm working on
huda Dec 2017
sweet cherry wine
let your drops rain down upon my sorrow
create the red sea within me
and please, flush him out
flush him out
flush him out
huda Jun 2017
here you are
your head on my grave
still whispering the 'i love you's'
that caused the death
of me.
  Jun 2017 huda
Ryan Holden
Leave your hairbrush as
The insignificance still
reminds me of you.
huda Jun 2017
press your lips to my neck
leave an array of purple blossoms
and create your very own garden of eden
huda Jun 2017
love has always accepted me
but once i consume it
it rejects me
  Jun 2017 huda
It's cold and the heater isn't on but my heart is on and its love for you is keeping me warm.
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