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Xiao - SparKticas
22/M/New Zealand    In tough times I like to imagine you close to me. As if even for a second I could feel those arms around me. Yet, ...
Peter Robert Hamilton
21/M/Texas    Peter Robert Hamilton is a published poet and musician that also writes short stories, songs and novels. He has a deep interest in art, anime ...
Matty Allgauer
All I want is to take the broken shards of my mind and weave them together into intricate and melodic strands of words before me ...
Soulflame Ⓒ    i often feel in my heart the warmth of a wise cold soul. from the warmth of love my cold heart grows warm from my ...
Sonja Benskin Mesher
I write, I draw, I paint and make things. am quite patient, hold my tongue, but can't say multi disciplinary. easily
Nancy E Tracy
Texas    I have been writing poetry since the '70's. I like whimsical poetry. I have won a few awards when I was active in "World of ...
Dawn King
Loma Rica, CA    I smoke cigarettes. I drink coffee. I am a free soul, yet unlucky in love. I sit. I wait. I watch. I learn. I do. ...
27/F/England    Sunshine spills from her lips, every time she smiles
18/F/Manila, Philippines    BA Philippine Arts • University of the Philippines — Manila
John Ashton Upston
Best Poet Ever. One thing that annoys me. People liking my poems, without any comment. I take all poetry requests from females. And any interesting ...
Hayley Schiete
Michigan    I'm 18 and an aspiring spoken word poet. Twitter: Tumblr:
Ashley Kay
27/F/Tennessee    "Its not what you look at that matters, it's what you see" -Henry Thoreau | I was never talented in art, but poetry allows me ...
SG    We shall board our imagined ship and wildly sail among sacred islands of the mad till death shatters the fabulous stars and makes us real. ...
Devon Webb
Auckland    Follow me on tumblr:
Domino Black
A new way to express myself. A new name. A new start. I am Domino Black, I am not real. I am theater.
Parker Louis
California    I've been writing poems since I was about twelve or thirteen. Since then I've written a lot of personal poems that I hope other people ...
Shadow Paradox
"My poetry is me inside an inkwell" Dressed in shadows while writing surreal poetry. Writer + Dreamer + Hybrid.
(n.) A lover of rain; one who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days —-██—— Put this on —-██—— your profile ██████—if you’re ...
Grant Horst
Wisconsin    A kid in search of a land free of worry I'm a student who recently got interested in this writing stuff, started mainly as a ...
my scars don't define me
VA    just a simple girl with a brain too complex for her head
Cecelia Francis
24/Non-binary    A growing list of useless information.
Pittsburgh    A semi-autobiography that most of the world will never see.
R Saba
Ronnie James Corbin
Dayton, Ohio    Lost soul swimmin' in a fish bowl, year after year
Emma Amme
Just say it
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