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Ramona Argo Aug 2018
no, i don't have a clue
You're the smart one.

you add me you subtract me
I'm a problem.

you go to recess
i'm stuck to this desk.
what is me minus you
Ramona Argo Jul 2018
I lost you like the trees lose their leaves.
I went through the seasons, I felt all the things.
With rain and sun, I've grown some,
but I couldn't grow a new you.

snapping branches remind me
that everything moves on.
It all comes, it all leaves.
Ramona Argo Apr 2018
it’s too much and not enough to know
that love is just a peace of mind; a piece of time -
that the rocks on the ground and the rain in the sky
are more real than the idea of you and me.
Ramona Argo Jul 2016
Wine stains the sand
we smile, light and
quiet; the clouds
paintbrush pass.
Ramona Argo Dec 2015
I don’t believe I’ll ever
understand – or forgive or forget – or even know how

he was never, never going to leave me. Yesterday.
And how
he is never, never going to be
with me. Today.

This second, I will
make a little cup of tea
And try not to spill it
or burn my tongue. And dream of the ease
of many tomorrows from now.
Ramona Argo May 2015
I lived in a refrigerator
from 1969 till now
It was cool to say the least
(It was cool to say the least)

Man, I've sat
hands folded, chillin'
in a ziplock bag like a lump of mud.
Everyone else was picked out
peeled and fried and ******
everyone else
died, in the mouths of their
lovers, or perhaps it was rapists,
the bedroom, the kitchen --
I see no difference from where I am a-sittin'.

Oh, the refrigerator,
oh, my
real-life satire-of-society
you make me want to be eaten
but you make being eaten so
much like death in the eye.
and I
don't know.


I like to believe
I am more than a sack of goo to be tossed down the throat
I pretend to breathe
like the refrigerator
I fist-banged on that hard as wood center
between my ******* like a man-gorilla
I was told that's where my heart lives
all cozy-sweet in my chest, oozing out love fresh
like vanilla, but losin' flavor
every second, every day
(every second of every day)

Why does it feel so far away?
Why does everything I want to know
feel far away?
Everything I want is in a *** boiling.
Everything I want is in a ***
boiling two houses away.
Everything I want is inside someone else's mouth.
Won't you wait for me. Give my
pouch a squeeze. I'm spoiling. I'm
runnin' on borrowed air, the electricity
of the refrigerator
is the only thing that holds me, and it is always

Yes, I want pity. And what's worse, I want it
however you'll have me.
But first.
I wanna stick my finger through
right into my heart blood
And break off a piece to
chew before anyone else does

It would be cool to say the least
(It would be cool to say the least)

I lived in a refrigerator anyhow because
when I was 13 I looked in the mirror
and straight-dead knew
my place in the refrigerator
cheeks wrapped in plastic sheets
body-fat wired in lingerie like ham to-go
served hot on Thanksgiving Day tablecloth lace
(Watch half the male population get out their knives
and pour gravy
all over my baked face)

I understand there's some new age
concern that I'll just
waste in the
but man, I am a product and I am made
to be consumed
and the refrigerator
has been the only one there
to keep me.

And if it's a ****-box, I owe it my life then
in the name of my country, the economy,
and world peace, here I am.
Late 30's, about to expire in the refrigerator
Everything I want is fuzzy and far, always
two houses away
Everything I want reaches its hand to the thing sitting next to me.
Everything I shared hopes with has succumbed to mold
I figured I would help society by making room
and be the one to slay the beast
(Drop your conviction and join the feast.)
A spoken word piece spun together nearly two autumns ago.
Ramona Argo May 2015
Sore, soaring – blood-rush;
leaving my veins and brains disturbed
yet soothed over,

once more, like salty sea
soft tease on **** shore.
The constant flow of the come and go activity,

                    the calming


It is not silence though I come to take it as so...
the sound is rich though hushed; velvety.

To me, you're
when a cigarette tastes like an everything
after a warm, warming
cup of Spearmint tea.
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