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Aasiyah 11h
i couldn't help but be blind
to colors all around me
i wish i would've found me
earlier in time

i ******* help but do wrong
and regret it later
i can't figure out decisions
i should just cut you off

but it's hard to not love
what you want
it's hard to not want it
i'm betraying someone

and it'll stab me
it'll stab me so hard
that i'll break
so hard

i can take it anyway
i probably deserve it
i'm so sorry for it all
i'll just begin the end

but of course
you just can't understand
or care so much
i'm out of reach
idk anymore
im trash
Aasiyah 16h
it's easy how i back away
back away and still do wrong

it's easy how i back away
from things that i don't love...

draw near
and draw nearer

come here
and can't run now

sun down
and i'm not sleeping

just two
we'll never be one

i love you for who you are
so you are who are you

and i hate me for who i am
but try to change

and well
it doesn't work

it goes slowly
i thought i could make it faster

but that wasn't working
and i blame myself harshly

i love you too much
and it's all my fault

and i'll just wallow
in the darkness

where you can't see me

and i'll just assume
all the wrong things

and it will be forever
in my mind

what do you want me to do...
since i keep making you upset at me

because everything is my fault
it always is

**** it all in
**** it all up

like its maple syrup
coming from a tree

in this world
i feel so alone

i should be
without the world

it does me so much good
and i'm too much

**** it all in
and **** it all up

just say it's my fault
and shut up

**** in all my tears
because it doesn't matter

i'll just be scared

fear gets you no where
so i'll just say here

try to be happy
and not cry a single tear

**** in all my tears
because it doesn't matter

**** in all my tears
because it doesn't matter

**** in all my tears
because it doesn't matter

no one will care
not today or tomorrow

i'll just be me again
in all my sorrow...

i'm not losing my religion
i'm just too distracted

i swear i'm not losing my religion
i'm just too emotional

i don't know the right decision
please help me
Aasiyah 1d
in dreams
is dead

in streams
in me

a palette
is white

we forget
ain't right

you sleep
is dead
Aasiyah 3d
Days feel too hot
You're my warmth

But at times under my skin
I'm irritated

Open books
I want to read

Some hopes
Are full of seeds

Takes too long
To learn how to swim

I keep falling

I keep slipping
On ice

I keep gliding
Over things

I keep falling
On my bed

You keep on being fine
I keep falling in love

I keep on wasting time
I keep falling

I keep falling
All the time
Aasiyah 5d


Why give me love and desire when you'll just take it away?

I accepted this temptation, but do I need to rid myself of it?

Time will tell...
But I don't feel like I will l...

I always find myself being stuck in decisions and feel bad for not being steadfast.

I can't be steadfast if I'm confused.

I have to understand what everything means, but I don't know.

Maybe I never will.

Do I know what I should do...?

I think I do...

...but I don't want to.
My thoughts, my mind, my emotions go wild, but my actions remain.
  5d Aasiyah
You still live in
the silence between
my thoughts
  5d Aasiyah
Now that
I not
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