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Maria Villalta Oct 2014
She said that everything is okay
But in reality
She is heartbroken
She doesn't want to feel anymore
But why would you mind?
Everything is your fault
But you seem to not care at all.

  Oct 2014 Maria Villalta
Thrown in a black hole,
Named "His Love."
Years floating through darkness
Of dust and stars.
I have escaped.
I've seen the sun.
And for the first time,
It isn't you.
Maria Villalta Oct 2014
She is too young
For a broken smile,
She is too young
For a miserable life,
She is too young
For scars on her arms,
She is too young
For wanting to be dead.
Maria Villalta Oct 2014
Hurts to say that you're gone
That you left me breathing alone
With a little of hope
But now I know
That you're better gone.

Maria Villalta Sep 2014
The unloved ones
Are trying to complain
About their life
And how sad they are..
They're trying to recover
But it's difficult
They're trying to get better
But it's impossible

Maria Villalta Sep 2014
At night,
When people is sleeping
I am crying,
Trying to end the pain
But it just feels impossible,
It would never get better
And everyone seems happy,
I try to hide the sadness
But you don't know
How difficult it is
To stay strong.

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