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HopelessRomantic Dec 2014
Is this not possibly,
a new day lovingly,
lost in time by the
wastefuless of humanity?
HopelessRomantic Dec 2014
To be Right or wrong?
is it not perspective or not?
Peers say I am brave,
through they do not
seem to be so!

I dare to be different,
and it is welcome,
though no-one is himself
different from what is,
expected from him.

Such is the way,
that man must reign
all expect change but
all remain constant!

Alas I must change,
to what I must be....
HopelessRomantic Dec 2014
How can in it you be so
silent yet so heard?
You should be quiet,
yet it is you all I hear.

Rooms full and
my echo is all I hear,
Should you not be silent,
then why are you so loud?

Silence is all I hear
amidst all the confusion
of people in my life!

Why does no-one respond?
Yet I must hear my echo,
amidst the confusion?

— The End —