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it's the complete opposite of sweater weather,
and for once,
i'm enjoying it.
feeling the hot sand between my toes,
the contrast of the cool waves lapping at my body
as i soak up the sun before i get in,
the all too familiar smell of sunscreen,
that lingers all the way home till i shower off the salt
that formed onto my skin.
the routine that i get into,
clears my head,
making me relish the remaining time i have of it:
the sweet smile of the waitresses once i order my coffee,
already making more plans even when i'm out of the house,
posting pictures of how great i look
without the crippling pressure of school
that weighs down my shoulders.
truly, i don't know how i manage,
when the time eventually rolls around to wear sweaters
cleary here isn't where i wanna be
let's fast forward time
so that i could have more of an idea
of what i'm supposed to accomplish
who i'm supposed to meet
what i need to go through
to truly reap what i sow
grab my shoulders and shake
maybe that'll help for the time being
but i guess for now
i'll feel the entropy violently increase
as each minute goes by
half these lines were thanks to the arctic monkeys, so thank you.
Jul 11 · 121
all it takes is a spark
there might be a fire in the distance
it's a lingering fear
that it'll come near here
thought, it's inevitable

just like my fear of the flames
that will sear my skin
and fill my lungs with smoke
i'm afraid of the fire
that you'll rekindle
in the depths of my soul
Jun 30 · 97
it seems as if it was only yesterday
that it was my first day of kindergarten
i dont remember what i wore
or what i had for breakfast
or who i sat next to in class
though i do remember
how my date stood me up at prom
or that time i snuck out with my friends
to drink *****
amd explore the forest with strangers
alone in the dark
just as how the years have gone by
and i cant remember with immense detail
what happened in kindergarten
soon the things that matter to me now
might not mean the same
in a couple of years time
Jun 23 · 49
time's a funny concept
it's funny how time
can shift the series of events in your life
one night
a year ago
im sitting in your room
you're up in the clouds
and i'm listening to you
down on earth

we haven't spoken since i left
the foreign land
in which you reside in

you're back home
and you'd like to meet
of course
even though you broke my heart
without knowing
roughly a year ago
we decided to sit over coffee
and i think it was
my best decision
in a long time
Jun 18 · 176
the roman agora
the ethereal beauty of contrast;
the looming thunder clouds
against the rustic columns of the Acropolis
i've been wandering for a while now
weaving in between the olive trees
walking amidst the maze of houses that surround the mass of people
i search for my lover,
whom i do not know,
every corner i turn i look for him.
and i'll keep turning every corner,
hoping he'll gift me a wreath,
and walk up with me to overlook our beautiful city together,
for better or for worse,
for all eternity.
May 23 · 182
energy thief
always carrying a stoic expression
until you see someone you'd like to get with
or one of your favorite snakes.
you radiate a black presence
a dark storm that tears up the halls
that only rarely
shines light through.

i wasn't sure why you sat next to me.
in my most important class.
but i never asked,
in fact, it never bothered me.

it wasn't until my best friend told me
that you admired me.
my passion.
my strive.
my dedication,
why didn't you tell me?
i'm sure id light your face up,
with my smile,
with pink dust cascading over my cheeks.
i dont even know
your worth is defined by others.
whatever they believe,
you believe.
a feeding tube attached directly to head and to your heart.
with poison.
with lies.
with nonsense.
none of the words that you say,
are yours.
it's almost as if you built yourself a wooden house,
and without a second thought,
doused it with gasoline,
and lit it on fire.
watch it burn, and i'll stand right next to you, smiling.

inspired by a song: walking out-srbuk
give it love because i'm obsessed with it
May 6 · 238
a piece of meat
in your eyes,
my worth is no more than an animal.
a dead one.
i'm simply here at your disposal,
for your pleasure,
whenever you'd like.

too bad i don't conform
to the norm of my age
clubbing and drinking till i stumble home
you've tried to convince me.
and you'll keep doing so,
until you can have me.
between your bedsheets,
covered in shameful marks,
just so you can boost your ego and compare to your friends.
i will not
Apr 28 · 128
from the minute i open my eyes,
the fixation overwhelms any other thoughts.
it never goes away.
my nose twitches simply at the thought.
it's too late.
my brain chemistry,
has already been altered.
so shut up,
and get me my fix.
can you guess?
Apr 9 · 155
head hunters
there's been a demand for my head
a phone call
with a sickly sweet voice
on the other side
how much am i worth?
can i determine it?
and who's willing to pay my ransom?
gotta thank HR and my business teacher for being an absolute angel
Mar 14 · 177
ice caps are melting
being in the arms of an old friend,
feels like a fire that's been rekindled.
there are no lustful feelings.
just warmth.
that is able to melt the ice sculpture in my chest,
that i call;
my heart.
Mar 11 · 208
asymptotic behavior
my life resembles an asymptote
it never touches or reaches its dreams
and that is the sole reason for it's existence
lame math metaphor
Mar 4 · 142
poppin' pillies
it is sad to realize
that my life is so dependent
on painkillers.
it seems as though every lecture
i sit through
the thought of alleviating my pain
crosses my mind.
doesn't matter if it's the common cold
or a stab wound
ill still seek to make myself feel better.
Feb 13 · 267
conflicting species
test the limits
to assert power
between themselves
i need to thank my ecology teacher for this
Feb 11 · 306
red light green light
what if one day
all the traffic lights
flashed green,
and anyone desired
were all told to go
at the same moment
chaos in inevitable
and so is death
but if manifest destiny called
would you rebel?
if all the lights flashed red
would you have the guts
to cross anyway?
Jan 19 · 204
the water levels are rising
my eyelashes have tainted the pale skin
of mine
angelic white to pitch black
the water is too hot
it's spilling over the edge
and i can't breathe
i want to love you, i do love you, and that's why i need to let you go because im already hurting you
Jan 16 · 282
blood is poetic
the crimson rivers that flow through my veins
resemble the way tears run down my cheeks
like there's a dam within me
and it's constantly on the verge of breaking.
the cool undertones
that show through my pale skin
can tell you so many stories.
each capillary.
can recall an experience
of almost breaking through my epidermis
the ever so violent slashes
now faded
but still fresh in my mind.
Jan 13 · 222
chase me
its a cat and mouse game
with a variety of circus acts to entertain me:

1. giggly, touchy, curly haired cutie
2. nonchalant, arrogant, nose pierced *******
3. bat **** crazy, rebellious leftist
4. jealous, overprotective teenage boy who likes giving black eyes

i know you care deep down
for more than just your friends
the one act i'd like to be in
is the one where i hold your hand through the smoke
and the one where i bandage you up,
by the end of the night

-λεγε τι εγινε;
-can i help βασικα;

-i just kinda want a hug y'know

-i'd give you one
a textual representation of how my thoughts look
burn what you find
in the depths of my heart
with blind rage drown any remnants of you
with the sickening smell of gasoline
clouds forming before my eyes
tunnel vision
no one ever changes but that's okay
because you could do so much worse
as you strike the match against the box
i'll be smiling to myself
with rivers flowing down my cheeks;
an eternal reservoir of you
preparing myself for the heavenly bliss
to come as you watch all that i know
rot away before your eyes.
based on a greek song that makes me cry every time i listen to it. i wrote this on vacation as i was bored in my hotel room with no wifi
Jan 13 · 117
the counselor
the school counselor
what a cliche
but your nonchalant attitude
is irresistible
you're young too
it's quite uncommon
how'd you get this job, if i may ask?
ignorance is bliss
as they say.
nonetheless, i haven't seen you much
except in the halls sometimes
but you called me downstairs the other day
and i noticed how you're not so perfect
as i imagined
you've got a beard to hide your acne scars
slightly overgrown eyebrows
but, very broad shoulders
dressed to the nines in a suit every day
blue or gray, to be precise
when you spoke to me
asking if i was skipping class
you were awfully close
not that i minded
i'm also not sure where you were looking
i hope at my lips
rather than my eyes
eyes are the window to the soul
and we both don't want to know
what my true intentions are
wrote this on the metro coming home.
Jan 10 · 61
spite @ 2am
ive got my nails painted all the colors of the rainbow
little ones running all around my feet
the sounds of sickening screaming and laughter
fill and overflow my thoughts
and i have no recollection of the time
all the clocks are frozen
there's the tv in the corner with the news channel
and the news anchor is screaming in a language i don't understand
in the next door room
the adults drink themselves silly
my mother calls me in
her eyes are rimmed with crystal clear *****
next thing i know,
im texting my dad back home
how to keep my brother and the kids safe
from the drunken ******* which is my mother.
Jan 5 · 228
the bartender
you were on your break when i walked into the bar
scrolling on your phone
to fill the void of boredom;
i presume.
didn't figure out your name by the time i left
does it even matter?

what does matter
is what i noticed about you
in that short amount of time:
a cold aura that surrounded you
a neatly trimmed beard to hide your acne scars
and a shy, yet assertive look that you shot my way a couple times
it was nice seeing you
till next time
the bartender was cute, and his stoic demeanor made him so much more enchanting
Jan 4 · 129
hey there, stanger
i can feel your stare
while you lean up against the pole
of the noisy subway
you've got battered up sneakers
and slightly messy hair
you're pretending to look at your phone
as if it is more interesting than my face
you'd like to be in my presence
yet the driving force of the train
stops you all together.
the lady overhead announces your stop,
and i look up at you once again
you make me think that you'll stay for the next stop
until you slip out of my sight at the last second
before the doors close shut.
some guy was staring at me in the metro, i didn't find him all too attractive. but there was a lot more to him and i could sense it.
Dec 2018 · 449
drawn and quartered
im glad to have an outlet for my thoughts.
it's been one hell of a year.
most times it felt like all my limbs were attached to horses,
all running in opposite directions.
other times,
i felt like i was lying atop a cloud.
how many tears spilled.
and giggles shared.
i'm just happy to be alive.
wishing for a better 2019.
Dec 2018 · 91
repressive nature
thinking back to all the times i've cried myself to sleep
i find that i can never remember the reasons why.
could've been the blood running down my pale cheeks,
or the purple galaxies that were drawn all over my chest;
the stitches ripping at the seams of my mind.

it's not like it even matters.
it's for the best that the memories i have fit together,
like a mismatched puzzle.
summoning my past doesn't have any effect either
i've blocked everything,
as deep as the marianna trench,
for the sole reason,
to keep everything hidden,
even from myself.
Dec 2018 · 463
alexandros grigoropoulos
may your memory live on forever
as the angry youth of athens
mourns and,
remembers your tragic death.

our beautiful city,
goes up in flames,
screams and bleeds,
by remembering your name.
he was 15. it's the 10 year anniversary. **** all ****'s, may you rot in hell.
Dec 2018 · 118
a pack of skittles
im in a pack of skittles
im a little black skittle
in a rainbow pack.

all my friends are various different colors;

and it makes me really sad,
when some of my favorite skittles,
begin to spoil.
they turn into a weird camo color.
it's ****.
and even though, i, myself, am a black skittle,
i want to watch the other skittles cluster together and form a rainbow.
Dec 2018 · 240
the risk-reward ratio
without risk, there is no reward,
with no reward, there is no motivation,
with no motivation, there's no risk.
it's a vicious cycle of nothing
Nov 2018 · 134
cult gathering
mama told me never to talk to strangers
but what if those strangers were my age?
and they asked me for my number from a balcony?
i didn't see the harm
and ultimately there wasn't any

all i remember from that night
30 strangers and my two best friends
flashlights illuminating the rough path;
an off road with branches blocking the way
i remember the laughter that echoed in the darkness
and the screams upon reaching the abandoned house
goofin' in the moonlight
stepping into another world
the only thing that brought me back
was a scratch
and once we all reached back to reality
the lasers flashed from across the street into my hotel room.
took a sci-fi turn? anyway, more poetry coming from a field trip that i truly wont forget. i miss the company of those guys γιατι τα δικα μας ειναι φλορακια
Nov 2018 · 311
poker face
i do not belong in the arms of someone i can hurt
because i know of my power
and ive done it before
ive done it to you
and the last guy
and the one before that
im incapable of loving you fully
and that's not what you deserve

but its a deep rooted fear
that you'll hurt me first
im not afraid if your words cut me like a knife
rather the cold, metal blade that you bear at all times
simply the thought makes my cells tremble
so i beg of you
to leave me as soon as you can
before i beat you to it.
he carries that knife everywhere he goes, and i can feel it against me when he pulls me in his embrace and refuses to let go.
Oct 2018 · 2.6k
unravel my thoughts,
like a bunch of necklaces tangled together.
unscramble my words,
like a puzzle.
decode the meanings behind my Instagram captions,
to try to understand my ways.
theater class brought me to write this, haven't been in the best state of mind and the whole class i was playing with a small piece of paper.
Oct 2018 · 141
bloody void
i must be losing my mind
the void that's slowly engulfing me
is getting bigger.
the darkness that's threatening to rip all in sight
is only growing with every one i meet.
my sanity shrinking.
thoughts directing my tunnel vision
to a path of violence.

****** knuckles
bruised limbs
bashed skulls

i think i'm in too deep,
so i'll just settle.
these are the kinda thoughts ive been having. this isn't even poetry anymore but i need an outlet to share
Sep 2018 · 226
years back we were defined by the color of our skin

we thought it ended with all the martyrs who died for a better world

millions think the very earth we are destroying is utopia

everything filtered by a sole lens

only showing what they want us to see

when millions die simply to end up as a statistic




Sep 2018 · 157
lost in the in between
lost in your eyes
lost between my head and my heart

my head tells me go
my hearts tells me stay
but its not that cliche

i feel trapped in the guilt that follows me everywhere

every conversation lingering in my head
hours on end
thinking how i can end it

how can i tell you
without thinking about the endless ways
that you can end your life

we are perfect
we are toxic
a viscous eruption of anger and spite
distance is our enemy and our friend
"im sorry, baby. forgive me."
and my naive brain always forgives

but im lost in the in between
until the day
i found my way out of the maze
and found myself.
glad i dont have this toxicity anymore. it was becoming unbearable
Sep 2018 · 4.8k
life is a competition,
but no one really wins.
we overachieve.
set our goals too high.
and after all the effort,
end up farther back than square one.
we pile work upon work for ourselves.
we fake it till we make it,
but do we ever make it?

once the lights go out,
black envelops the machine that never stops.
not even when we sleep.
tears put out the electric fire that burned the socket.
and within the blackness that is my mind,
you can hear a sizzling sound,
until the backup generator kicks in
and we begin to run again.
heavily influenced by my mental breakdown only after 3 days of school. this was also written in class
the provocative dress i wore tonight

made you wonder if i wore it for you

i could feel your stare the whole night

watching as my body flowed

underneath the fluorescent lights

you noticed all my details

how i held my drink in my hand

how deep my curves were

how all the men in the club,

were doing the same as you

the one thing you all failed to notice

is what i hid underneath

you all failed to see the scar above my lip

and the fact that i chew my nails too often

and the purple galaxies that litter my skin,

under the confines of my dress
Aug 2018 · 18.5k
cloud 9
have you ever paid attention to the sky?
i sure have
every car ride
every walk outside
everytime im sad
i look to the clouds above.

the clouds have feelings
they, just like us, get sad
and frustrated at times
but they are kind to us down below
they reward us with their beauty

they are similar to us with one more thing
they too, like most of us, have a best friend
i bet they share secrets
and stories
right as they're going to bed behind the city skyline
together they make the perfect team to bring smiles all around

when the colors of the sun
and the grace of the clouds
bleed together
it puts our hearts at ease
next time,
just look up.
Aug 2018 · 141
time flies
the ticking of the nearby clock can make anyone go crazy
if they hear it enough times

seconds turn into minutes
that turn into hours
pass relentlessly

not a care in the world
as time flies on its own accord
Jul 2018 · 4.2k
Collateral Damage
Blue skies are now a vibrant shade of red,
Unavoidable screaming can be heard,
Thousands of souls who have suffered and bled,
The survivors mutter words that are slurred.
Lying awake reflecting on the past,
“How could I have not saved my dear brother?”
Inner demons fight me as if I asked.
I remember those eyes like no other,
A small bullet that travelled through his chest,
My name was the last to be spoken.
Tears escape my eyes for my big brother.
Right through my heart I feel a gust of wind,
Unrecognised now I am for mankind.

— The End —