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Thigh-hid kiss flits blind,
Bringing pink fits,
Splitting still midnight.
I, dirt–witch,
Spill milky spit,
Drip sticky twilight
Rich in light spring sighs.
Composed with only the vowel i in spirit of the OULIPO
I on rot blue, float tender aureate clemency.
A so-wet salt swell, yellow priests flounder
I, an ape monk, dance divine watered comedies  
O’ my sea song color forgot, drowned madrigal
Ascending letters 1-8 in each line
Horror grows on moons too fond of blow,
Pythons snort snow ponds God forgot to flood.
Grow strong worthy worms,
tooth rot won’t stop clocks slowly, so floss.
Knock on wood, soft looks bloom soon,
Months go on so.
Look, hold form,
Noon folds to gloom,
Moon stoops down, blow looms
On loony snoot.
A poem composed with only the vowel 'O' in the spirit of the OULIPO.
Wet pupil-ed gaze of pink
Petals of a peony stretch 
the refraction of flighted insect: ***** dissolves to salt 
lusting for maternity unrequited. 
Soppy petals, 
liquidly fall.
Maybe you, and maybe me,
yellowed memory receives
fallen warm to fever pitch
drowning in the sun's remembrance,
So maybe I and maybe the sea
can find some solace in silken sleep
past insomniac rivers and indolent speech
(Rays of spring 
filter shadow marigold
orange trees
bluely sway 
rivers - in 
dreams sense dies 
to ambiguity).
a patch of morning sun
yellow never recollects
the white remembrance
Swelling water
Pours heaviness of limbs
To the swallow of sleep.
Rain-water fingertips
Dampen the sheets,
Moisten cigarette papers.
A tobacco spire
Breaks the clouds of my teeth,
Announcing holy fog
In respiration.
The sun drowns at 4pm
In a pool of deadened leaves
Choking bubbles of light
Through eternal perspiration of winter.
Liquid abyss soothes the sky.
I rain until morning.
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