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  May 2019 sancus
Anne J
I pluck you out to
Be free from my sorrows but
You somehow grow back
More poems for my art project
sancus May 2019
you take all of the
stars in the night sky with you
whenever you leave.
sancus Jan 2018
would you finally
reach out for me if i would
come back to the sky?
do we go back into being stars?
sancus Oct 2017
"don't hurt yourself, don't hurt yourself."
it almost sounded like a lullaby
that barely echoed through the labyrinth of my psyche.
i am in so deep, i am so lost.

"i'd stop, i'd stop."
the words in my mouth almost tasted like a lie,
the darkness became amplified
as i let out a muffled cry.

my misery is a silent lullaby
and i sing it alone.
sancus Jul 2017
if you ask me if i'm fine,
i won't lie and i'd say no,
i am not.

if you ask me if i've found someone else
i'd smile and i'd say no,
it's still you.

if you ask me if i still feel the same way,
i'd smile and i'd say yes,
it never changed.

if you ask me a question,
i'd always have an answer that
i've always had stuck in the back of my mind,
and that answer is you.

so please ask me,
because i won't.

ask me please,
ask me if i still love you.

if you would,
i'd say i do.

but even if you won't,
i'd still do.
this is something i've written a really long time ago.

it's crazy how feelings change, no matter how strong they were.

not all question should be answered but if i were asked, i'd say—yes, no and, i won't—the answer is no longer you.
sancus Jun 2017
perhaps i'm still here
to make sense of what isn't,
of what we aren't
and leave the truth behind.

i know you're leaving
but i'm looking at the other way.
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