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  Jan 2015 sian b
filled with ache
sorrow seeps into
hollow places
sets up camp
for an indefinite
these simple words came to me  one night before  I could fall asleep.It  deals with losing  a loved one ( no matter who or how) , and  the grief resulting from their extraction from your life.
sian b Jan 2015
the sky is fogged as is my head
hazy and blurred I cannot see what's ahead
what lies in the future and what's here in the present
tonight the moon won't be full, it will be nearly as empty as I; crescent

I've begun to think that maybe the fog is you
so long as you're in my head I will be dazed and confused it's true
I'm not sure what I'm saying I'm not sure what I'm doing
it's you it's you it's you it's you
it's almost 2am and I'm not sure what I'm doing but I haven't posted or been on here in months
sian b Jan 2015
I wish that youd look at me the way you look at her and not the way that I look at myself.
this isn't really a poem
sian b May 2014
are the only one
who can make me cry
at 3:38 in the morning
but still make me want
to kiss you.

are the only one
who i let
build me up
when i know that you'll be
the one to tear me apart.
i think i love you, why don't you love me too?
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