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Holly Bromley Jan 10
I shot a man once.
Not with bullets, but words.
I never meant to take his life, just his heart.

I take a deep breath, steady my hands, focus my aim, then I take my shot.
Attacking him where it hurts worst.

A bullet to the head first, twisted words meddled with his brain.
The first shot did the most damage, he was now under my control.
I was in his head now.

Next bullet hit the centre of his hand,
his long, soft fingers, shattered.
Impossible for them to caress another's skin the way they did mine.

Followed shortly by a shot to his foot.
Slow steps into the future cut short.
Those steps were meant to be for us,
but you didn't want that.

The final shot to the heart, this one's fatal.
my words shatter his heart in seconds.
Merciless, I left him begging at my knees.
Holly Bromley Jun 2018
Emptiness sits inside of me.
Like my body is a fragile frame,
ready to shatter at any given moment.
If you listen close enough you'd hear the echoes rattle through my framework.
The echoes of my thoughts, my words and the ever-growing silence.
You see I can feel the words,
they manifest inside of me,
like they’ve been tattooed to my skin
but are invisible to everyone else around me.
I reach out for help,
and yet its only just out of reach.
Love slips through my fingers and I watch it go.
Sometimes I wonder if this body is even still mine,
or if it's just on loan.
I've become an imitation of what I once used to be.
An imposter, a fake, a phony.
In a haze I feel like I've left my body,
like the casing of my body is still here but I'm not.
The only way to describe it is as if I'm drifting.
Like if the wind was to pick up strong enough it'd take me away,
and I think I'd be okay with that.
Holly Bromley Feb 2018
Despite my empty mouth the words fill my mind, the words you stole from me.
Fears pushed aside, I begin drowning in words, thoughts and second chances.
How do I stay quiet when I feel like screaming?
Holly Bromley Feb 2018
I am everywhere and everything.
You cannot escape me, I surround
you and you’re completely unaware of it.
You turn a blind eye to me.
You’ll regret that.
Holly Bromley Feb 2018
She lit the flame at the end of his lipstick stained cigarette,
smoking it was like kissing her all over again.
The smoke burnt his eyes and scratched his throat,
attempting to breathe the oxygen just wasn’t there.
She suffocated him.

Their love like a cigarette, set alight and raised to rebellious lips.
Their romantic tragedy like smoking in the rain,
It was painfully beautiful yet short lived.
She became his addiction, little by little she consumed him.
If only he could quit her.
His lungs would not ache when he’s alone.

Unlike his cigarettes, she didn’t come with a warning label on the cover.
She did more damage to him than the cigarettes ever could.

So, he left her and returned to his lipstick stained cigarettes.
She left a hole in him no amount of nicotine could ever fill.
Now he lights cigarettes just to watch them burn.
Holly Bromley Feb 2018
One-minute left, time is running out
I keep my eyes closed, the darkness is comforting.
Down here life is different.
My eyes open, she’s there. Her beauty distorted by the water.
She’s not the same, something is different.
I blink, she raises her finger to her lips and hushes me.
She silenced the screams in my head.

I’ve learnt to keep my eyes open underwater, I don’t want to miss a single second of her.
Time seems to move slower under the waters surface, I hadn’t noticed until now.
An eternity passed while I stared at her.
Memorising the details, every flaw noted.
Because I know the next time I close my eyes,
She’ll leave, and the darkness takes over.
Holly Bromley Feb 2018
The night sky was on fire,
the flames stole your constellations
but it’s still you I admire.
I’m still waiting for an explanation,
as to why the smoke has taken the blue from your eyes.

— The End —