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 Oct 2014 Holly
 Oct 2014 Holly
i look up at the sky
in search for stars
but instead,
i see darkness.

darkness has concealed
all the bright spots.
they use to give me hope,
but now they're gone.

if only
i could take away the darkness
and bottle it up.
so that i can see stars
up and shining again.
a poem for my friends who used to light up my sky.
 Oct 2014 Holly
 Oct 2014 Holly
i yearn for a love
that does not exist
a love so rare
it would not fit

it would turn
my skin on fire
it would make
me feel alive

i would dance
and i would not care
the prying eyes
how they would stare

oh how i wish
for no guidelines to exist
for a love so rare
it would not fit
 Oct 2014 Holly
 Oct 2014 Holly
loving you
is my favorite
your taste
is my favorite
your words
are my favorite
your arms
are my favorite
life saver.
 Oct 2014 Holly
There are no rules
 Oct 2014 Holly
A writer has her own perspective
Her own point of view
Her own way of interpreting things

Never judge
how a writer does her works
You have no right

You are not God
You are just one
of his million creations

Stop putting rules
on how one should write
her own poem

Because her mind is hers
Her heart is hers
And her poem is her
Please, sir. Stop being so immature.
I am standing in such a space
that like an event horizon
where there everything is moving towards the dark
and usually the opposite is the light

The two ways are very distinct
the light
and the dark
but I am wondering for light
And I see,
any existence of objects that stand on the space,
and even time moving towards the dark

The attraction of dark is too high
its gravity beyond,
attracting the young and the old
it bends all the waves and moving towards the black hole
passing as clouds through the event horizon
where there I have stood
there is a boundary
between the heaven and hell

On the boundary,
the hell I see very near
and the heaven, I saw before
cause still I have some feelings
and all my feelings are accumulating in the bean
but the feelings have a little gravity
either good or evil
neither soft nor compact
all drops from the heaven's wall

It has grown more with time
compact more and more
either in core of heart or in pore of spaces
neither in sticky sand nor in the serene soul
all are moving toward the dark

And finally,
I see a big crunch in the dark
but still some particles of light are floating over the dark
and some are still struggling on the horizon
others are waiting on the event horizon to move toward the dark hell
and I am standing on the wall of the event horizon
neither my mind wants to move in the hell
nor I can moving back to the heaven

@Musfiq us shaleheen
the event horizon is an imagery place between heaven and hell and the time that moving towards the hell even the feelings of time and I am wondering for light.
 Sep 2014 Holly
mark john junor
night is the worst
so easy to believe that it'll never end
try and distract yourself
but the empty room presses in on you
no compromise with the lonely darkness we all carry
no half measures will suffice to rescue you from this living tomb
just please remember me in your darkest hour
just please know me in your hour of need
for my heart is with you always
no miles or years will change
nothing can undo
remember that my hand is always holding yours
remember that i have always loved you
even in your darkness
even in your madness
please remember me
that my heart will never leave your side
and know you have the strength to survive
to see our sunny day once again
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