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Van alles wat het hart doet geven
Kloppend als aders
Vertelt het meer dan dat we kunnen delen
Onderdeel van ons lichaam
Fungeert het fysieke hart
Slechts als instrument
Voor de ziel om te bespelen
Alleen soms kennen we dezelfde noten
May 16 · 25
Ugly truth
lifeonLSD May 16
I always wish to say good things
about the people i meet

But honestly i can’t anymore
I’m starting to wonder
is it because of me?
Am i no good?
Do i try so hard because i know,
deep down i’m not?

I’m not sure anymore

They say; you only meet the people
who are a mere reflection of your own thoughts

Reflecting that on me
then everything points to an ugly secret
i’ve maybe been hiding all along

Why keep trying so hard
if it’s not what you see,
feel or experience
from the people around you?

Why believe in the good
if they do not choose
to give those parts to you?

Why keep holding onto
the skinny little parts
they only give
when it serves them well?

Am i then the same?
Do i only share when it serves me?

I like to think not
But as of right now,
I start to see the flaw in my own thoughts

I start to see the defects
in my own trying and trying
to believe in the good
and believing i’m good

I’m nowhere there
to give up yet

But i am here
at a place
where i do not recognize
the good from the bad anymore

They are all combined
entwined, strangled
strangling me

Keeping me hostage in my mind

The good
and the bad
contemplating about me
still being right

I do give up
on everything that is the bad
and not mine

This quarantin
can be more of use
more than i’ve tried
so far

So goodbye again
my so called foe’s
and friends
It’s time to let the good rain

Snoring on confetti powder

Smoking up the trees
seeing flower bombs
spreading the love
within me

And see which parts
still need some loving

and which parts
are still hiding
somewhere underneath
you don’t know anyone
Apr 24 · 51
lifeonLSD Apr 24
You make me rise in love
and every day, the more i fall
Apr 20 · 38
I owed you a poem
lifeonLSD Apr 20

      I long to write about you
    But every time i try
  I burst into a million thoughts
No words arrive
Just cries of want
Sighs of waisted time
I yearn for more
Than vocable sounds
  When i think of you
    I like to be a part
      Of your being
    Touch your energy
  Taste your thoughts
No more writing
Just feeling all
That i can bare
And then some more
It’s how you still hide
  At my sight
    Forget how to look
      Don’t know how to speak
    We are inseperable
  But together normally
We can’t be
I’m aching to burst
Out of my skin
And collide
  As our cosmos intended
    Us to exist
      Still when i see you
    Speech is not on my mind
  I crave for something else
To caress my tongue
My body resonates
I’m on fire
And i’m burning
  But i don’t know
    How to hold you like this
      I wish to be on your skin
    Melting away
  As my brain goes numb
My fingers entwined
In your hair
As i experience stars
Suns, moons, flowers
And make war
  With powers that spark
    A collision of love
      I desire to have you
    Without ever letting go
  Our spirits liquefy
At our glances
And dissolve
Into the air
Coming back together
Like clouds
  Creating thunder and lightning
    To fall like rain
      I hope to be one
    Like the ocean
  Set free
Of our bodies
Roam the planet
Be the life
Of the sea
Grow together
Expand our eyes
  From all that keeps us
    Being here
      I thirst for you
    To live as the wind
  Following each other
To the ends
Of the world
Be part of the first
Breaths of the soul
In search of nature’s
  Finest forms
    Be limitless
     In feeling everthing at once
    I see us as birds
  Twirling around
Country to country
Entangled in each other
As our feathers combined
Spring anew
As fresh leaves
Perfectly sprouted
  On a tree
    Or like a grashopper
      Searching the crops
    Jump to different planes
  Without hesitation
Of what might come
I dream of being your bones
Cheekbones and thighs
Be there all the way
To walk a mile in your shoes
  See and feel like thy
    As i feel mine
      In your company
    We can vibrate to planets
  Leave dimensions behind
Blackholes hunger
Will not still mine
I want it all
Every little thing alive
That’s what i think
If i want to
  Write about you
    It’s why my words crumble
      The stars hide
    The air stopped flowing
  The rain changed in drought
Sun and moon eclipse
The planets cry
Cause i’ll even take
The colors of the rainbow
And use them like crayons
Until there’s nothing left
  To paint the universe
    As the canvas
      For you and i
Apr 11 · 128
In heaven’s name
lifeonLSD Apr 11
I see what we humans do to this world
and that’s why i’d rather stay alone

If we can be so egoistic about what gives us life unconditionally, continously
how the hell are we supposed to love each other?
Apr 1 · 32
lifeonLSD Apr 1
i’ve sharpened my knife
get ready to bleed your ears out
Apr 1 · 35
lifeonLSD Apr 1
she was torn out of the eternal wildfire
dusted ashes of ruins from her skin
as the smouldering willows slowely faded
from the reflection in her glowing pupils

thrown merciless into the deep waters
trying to cool down her infuriating temper
for they did not know what to do
something so vicious created so precious

how they couldn’t take their minds of her
the light of day had lured them nearer
until close enough seeing blazing fires within
revealing her love burning in passion

and then there were those who foolishly
fueled by desires, driven without fear
like an icarus to the sun but none the wiser
provoking her, igniting the fury of truth

a little too late, for they had already reckoned
how she spit in raging, consuming flames
rapturing, ripping and tearing at the heart
before ever laying a sinful eye on her again
Mar 25 · 42
Healing pt. 2
lifeonLSD Mar 25
to break yourself isn’t easy
following the cracks made by others
putting you fingers across them
and pulling them apart
to let go of their scars
and release everything
what someone else made you to be

you pick up the pieces
put them together in the right order
only for your eyes to see
so you can grow back together
and stand up tall again
knowing there’s nothing anyone can do
that you cannot set free
lifeonLSD Mar 23
Why is it
that when you look at me
you want to hurt me?

What is it
about me
that you would like to ****?

How is it
that i
release your demons?

When i gave you
my heart to feel?

Why is it
that my presence
made you this way?

What made you
go in it
for the thrill?

How come
you think
it’s justified?

When loving you
is all that i have
and i will
Mar 23 · 64
lifeonLSD Mar 23
roaming around this planet
has me creating worlds
inside this world
as a refuge
to escape the madness

there i feel save
no pain nor misery
but often loneliness
so i never put up fences
just a gate

every once in a while
i give away the key
to my garden
so i can share
the fresh air of flowers

every world i’ve build so far
they only came to steal
demolish or corrupt
but i keep creating new ones
without any walls

still i wish for someone
to water my trees
smell the roses
turn it into a heaven
then lock the gates to be free
Mar 23 · 38
lifeonLSD Mar 23
Of all that i’ve lost so far
i have found so much more

The truth can never be unseen
and i never felt more liberated
Mar 22 · 111
lifeonLSD Mar 22
I remember as a little kid
laying in my bed at night
just before i would fall asleep
staring at my ceiling

seeing nothing more than stars
and wishing to be upon them
i still carry the same wish
Mar 19 · 661
Let it reign
lifeonLSD Mar 19
I no longer hold anything in
I don’t want to be bitter
I don’t want to be sour

Even if it means that when i rain
I pour, i let it flood

You can have it
As long as i am free at the end of it all
It was worth every single tear
Mar 16 · 73
Runnin’ on empty
lifeonLSD Mar 16
Sometimes i almost starve to death
Sending my body to complete numbness
to let my demons go to their grave
I crave so much and wish for emptiness
that i’ll make it hurt until i got
nothing to harvest
nothing left to taste

My appetite for food is so grand
and i can be so hungry it burns and snares
But my mind won’t let me
my stomach doesn’t care

No food to be found
nothing anyones gives is worth the share
So i starve myself to death
as ashes are all that’s left
to fill my mouth with dispair
Mar 15 · 156
te extrano siempre
lifeonLSD Mar 15
i woke up with your name
forging my breath and
clouding my mind the same

loudly forcing my lips to say
with my lungs pressed together
almost letting you get away

quickly dissolving into thin air
i inhale sharp and deep
for you’re not going anywhere

even unphatomable i wish to keep
every single last drop of you
because it is all that i need
Mar 12 · 51
binding contract
lifeonLSD Mar 12
I secretly wrote my name on your skin
turned cursives in tongues
then solemnly sealed the deal
by planting the softest kiss

Silently agreeing my love,
you are mine forever

Feb 25 · 888
don’t leave
lifeonLSD Feb 25
with my bare hands
i can build
for you
the heavens

i will ask
from you
nothing in return

except one thing
Feb 24 · 48
lifeonLSD Feb 24
I never really understood this whole love thingy

I always felt like i missed the train to whatever happy joy joy plane and somehow didn’t develop this skill or something

I guess i’m more of a “I like to pick one person, totally obsess over them for ages, just to never say a word about it” kinda person

I’m sure someday i will find someone who understands
Feb 9 · 47
III. No more secrets
lifeonLSD Feb 9
Oh how you played your part well
Calculated and smartly spend
I won’t mention it another time
Ours is a scheme strategically planned
How i will learn from this one
I will make every second be meant
To be, figured out, as our maker’s intent
I’ve seen the message now, really
I felt it rush through me
This time clearly it was send

Already a few lessons found:
I.     i will hold on to my pen
II.    no more secrets from now on
III.   and i will write until i make amends
Feb 7 · 14
A coward with a pen#4
lifeonLSD Feb 7
Still a coward
Started the day off quite beautifully, technically
I’m still high
10am. my last one
After that i had 6 cigarettes to smoke
A coffee or two
Logging into work every hour or so
Been up since 7am.
Ate a veggie pizza snack
Set on a bench in the winter sun
Felt good

Sobriety is my new luxury
I know how this sounds
I’m no fool
Maybe i am, but i’m an honest one too
J do secretly do feel more happy tho
Gotta kick off this awful habit soon
Gotta vibrate the **** outta life
Feb 5 · 861
Efforts #2
lifeonLSD Feb 5
another hit i take
another try i did not make
Dec 2019 · 73
II. pretty little secrets
lifeonLSD Dec 2019
The words haven’t shown up to meet you
yet and my letters are still in hiding
i know they are there lurking just around
their curves

You’re nothing they’ve ever encountered
before and they still haven’t been able to
figure out what you are by now
so please, don’t blame them for their
ignorance on my behalf

It’s not due to their shortcoming they
haven’t found the courage to gather
around, i’m sure they already know all
about pretty little secrets i so aimlessly am
looking at but foolishly can’t see

And just like i found you
I will find them, catch them, keep every
single piece i can get my hands on
hold them tight, caress them and gently
unfold all about them
so when the time is finally there

just know
they are here for you too
Nov 2019 · 101
— —
lifeonLSD Nov 2019
Remember, that
no amount of space
between us

is not shared mutually
Sep 2019 · 320
lifeonLSD Sep 2019
I breathe in
and you fill my lungs
I exhale in love

Don’t you know?
(you are my air)
Aug 2019 · 421
I. ——
lifeonLSD Aug 2019
i’ll write again
when i don’t have to search the stars
and the words are able to find me

i’ll tell them all of my heart’s wishes
so they can take care
of their mission send to see

i’ll let them whisper in my ear
soft little prayers
i can then maybe share with thee

i’ll keep save their secrets for now
that’s what they told
and when the time is ready, so i’ll be
Aug 2019 · 18
lifeonLSD Aug 2019
I think I broke all of my bones
Aug 2019 · 18
Let us not forget
lifeonLSD Aug 2019
It’s all in our head
Aug 2019 · 126
i owe you a poem
Jul 2019 · 158
lifeonLSD Jul 2019
“My love
all we shared, please”

make it time well spend.
(today it aches)
lifeonLSD Jul 2019
i would want
to touch people’s heart
with my bare hands


only to make them remember
how to feel again
Jul 2019 · 303
To be so beautifully broken
lifeonLSD Jul 2019
It never dawned on me until
your eyes finally met mine

How a mere reflection of what once was,
could still shine so brightly

As if you broke a mirror and beamed your
light upon each part that is still you
(and baby, i think you’re absolutely dazzling)
Jun 2019 · 852
lifeonLSD Jun 2019
“i feel no more that i am
i was
or ever will be”

let it be your freedom
not your prison
free yourself
May 2019 · 889
you don’t know
lifeonLSD May 2019
i’m build from the fire
that evens you with ground

i rise
whenever you fall

don’t underestimate the power
of a builder

we can see a house
even if it’s broken down
May 2019 · 1.8k
drops of perfection
lifeonLSD May 2019
and when it falls
it drops down
losing all form of complexion
lost in boundless shapes
purely placed
in effortless waves

i see you
in perfection
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